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Russian Railways Launched ‘Waitlist’ Service

Russian Railways launched an option which is called the “waitlist”. It applies to trains with already sold out tickets and allows passengers to trace available places in the train as soon as they are free, RIA News reports.  It is specified that free seats appear if passengers refuse to travel, as well as when more

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Russian Railways Ready to Open International Passenger Traffic

Russian Railways are ready for the resumption of international passenger railway connection and await decisions of the governments of the countries, according to the first deputy general director of Russian Railways Sergey Pavlov, TASS reports.   It is noted that Russian Railways resumed foreign business trips of its employees in accordance with the requirements of the

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Moscow Central Diameters Carried 100 Million Passengers

One hundred million passengers used the Moscow Central Diameters (MCD), according to the mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin. Currently, Moscow is working closely with Russian Railways and the Moscow region on D3, D4, and D5.  Sobyanin noted that such a success was achieved even taking into account the decrease in the number of trips due

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Man With Guitar Caught in Rostov Coal Carriage

In Morozovsk, the Rostov region, transport police removed a man from a freight train. He was heading to the resort in a carriage with coal, the press service of the Transport Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the North Caucasus Federal District reported.   The man was found by a train receiver

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Moscow Airports Recorded Passenger Traffic Increase in June 2020

The airports of Moscow,  Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, and Vnukovo noted an increase in passenger traffic in June 2020 by 3.6 times, RIA News reported with reference to the press service of the Federal Air Transport Agency.   In June 2020, passenger traffic of Moscow airports amounted to almost 1.8 million people, and in May 2020, 497.2 thousand.

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Russian Stewardesses Described Naughty Passenger’s Image

Russian stewardesses talked about the most annoying behaviour of aircraft passengers during the COVID-19 pandemic. They noted that many passengers take off their medical masks during the flight, or wear them incorrectly, Insider reported. The aircraft personnel complained mostly about those who believe that the rules do not apply to them and they do not

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Experts Noted 40% Decrease in Number of Road Accidents

The number of road traffic accidents and Russians affected by them decreased in April 2020 by 40 per cent due to restrictive measures introduced against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, RIA News reports.  According to the Deputy Head of the State Traffic Inspectorate, Oleg Ponaryin, the death toll was reduced by 23 per cent.

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1,000 Antiseptics Presented to Moscow Metro Passengers

Moscow metro workers gave passengers 1,000 hand antiseptics, the official website of the metro reported. The antiseptics were handed out to passengers in masks and gloves at 10 stations, namely, Dynamo, Shosse Entuziastov, Prospect Mira, Chertanovskaya, Marjina Roscha, Avtozavodskaya, VDNKh, Cherkizovskaya, Belorusskaya, and Kurskaya. The employees of the metro thanked those passengers who comply with

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Premium Taxi Resumed Work in Moscow

Premium taxis started working again in Moscow, TASS reports. Passenger orders are carried out by Yandex.Taxi, Wheely, and Gett companies. Drivers and passengers will be required to comply with all the sanitary requirements and have to use digital passes. The Yandex. Taxi company stated that they are transmitting to the city a package of information,

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Trip Service Made Portrait of Typical Airplane Passenger

According to a study conducted by OneTwoTrip service, a typical passenger of an airplane is a 31-year-old man named Alexander, who makes his trips in May, RT reports.  Inside the country, a typical passenger most often visits Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Sochi. As for the travels abroad, a typical passenger flies to Yerevan, Istanbul, and

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Direct Train Kazan-Simferopol Starts Carry Passengers in April

On April 29, the first transit train Yekaterinburg-Simferopol will stop at the Vosstaniya station in Kazan. Now Tatarstan residents can go to Simferopol by direct rail links.  The train runs on Wednesdays and goes through Saransk, Penza, and Rostov-on-Don. The train consists of the compartment and reserved seat wagons. Travel time is 48 hours. From