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Russian Imperial Movement – Global Terrorists or Patriots Fighting for Motherland?

In April 2020, the US State Department listed the Russian monarchist organization “The Russian Imperial Movement” (RID) as “global terrorists” and blocked all the information resources of the group in addition to subjecting its leaders to personal sanctions from banks and insurance companies. The decision was explained by calling the organization “white supremacists”, i. e.

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Victory Train Has Arrived in Omsk

On August 9, the ‘Victory Train’ mobile museum arrived at the Omsk railway station. In eight carriages of the train, expositions on the theme of the Great Patriotic War reflecting different periods of the 40s are presented, om1 reports.   It is noted that all the tickets for the expositions in Omsk were sold immediately, in

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Almost 5,000 Omsk Residents Wrote ‘Victory Dictation’

On April 29, the United Russia’s International Patriotic Action “Victory Dictation” was held. This year, 80 countries joined the action, including 31 states where the dictation was written offline, om1 reports. The content of the assignments was developed by historians and dedicated to the events of the first year of the Great Patriotic War.   In

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Military-Patriotic Action to Be Held in Tula

Military-patriotic action “We are the Army of the Country! We are the Army of the People!” will be held in Tula on Victory Day, RIA News reports with reference to the Russian Deputy Defence Minister Andrey Kartapolov.  “In Karelia, on April 29, we will write the “Victory Dictation”, on Victory Day in the city of

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Most Russians Consider Themselves Patriots

The vast majority of Russians consider themselves patriots of their country, according to the survey of the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre. It is specified that for 20 years the number of patriots did not fall under 80 per cent.  During the survey, Russians gave their definition of the concept of “patriotism.” It is noted