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Russian ‘Zeus’ to Search for Life in Universe

The “Zeus” Russian nuclear-powered tug will search for life in the Universe, as announced today, on June 15, by the head of the Roscosmos state space corporation Dmitry Rogozin, RIA Novosti reports.  “And missions that are sent to Mars, to Venus, and in the future, after the creation of thermonuclear capabilities, when moving outside the solar

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Russian Scientist Created Private Observatory in Primorye

Russians got a chance to see the lunar seas and craters, the convergence of planets, eclipses and meteor showers, learn to navigate by the stars and get distracted from everyday worries in the only private observatory in Primorsky Krai created by astrophysicist Alexey Matkin, TASS reports.   More than 20 years ago, Matkin’s school friend told

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Russians to Observe Planets Conjunction

In February, Russians will be able to observe the conjunction of the planets in the sky at dawn several times. The best visibility of this phenomenon may be in the southern regions of Russia, TASS reports with reference to a senior researcher at the Institute of Applied Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences Nikolay

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Russians Can Observe Jupiter and Saturn Great Conjunction

On the evening of December 21, Russians will be able to see the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, RIA News reports. The residents of the southern regions of Russia will have the best conditions for the observation, according to the Crimean astronomer Alexander Yakushechkin.  Yakushechkin specified that the planets will be separated by only

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Saturn Rings to Be Seen Last Time in Omsk Sky

In the coming days, over the Omsk sky, Jupiter and Saturn will come so close to Earth that they can be seen through a telescope. The head of the Omsk Planetarium, Vladimir Krupko, told that this phenomenon can be observed until July 21.  Vladimir noted that now, there is the opposition of the giant planets,

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Moscow Experts Advised on Planets Parade Observation

To watch the parade of the planets, which will be held from July 4 to mid-August 2020, it is necessary to be prepared beforehand, as the celestial bodies will not be visible to the naked eye, RIA News reports. The experts note that the parade is not so unique, and it happened already 20 years

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Moscow Planetarium Invites Children to Educational Classes

The Moscow Planetarium launches interactive classes for children 5-10 years old as part of the new online project Astroguide. Young participants will be able to find answers to questions about the world around them, the official website of the planetarium reports.  The “Star Lessons” for students of different ages include 4 online broadcasts. The first

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Russians to See Venus Eclipse in June

Russians will be able to see the eclipse of Venus next month, the official website of the Moscow Planetarium reports. It is noted that on June 19 at 12 pm Moscow time with daytime visibility, the Moon will close Venus. In addition, a penumbra eclipse of the moon should take place on June 5 at

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Today in Moscow Starts Parade of Planets

Moscow residents have a chance to watch the parade of planets on March 18 and 19, reports the press service of the Moscow Planetarium.  It will happen from approximately 5.30 am to 6.30 am Moscow time. The planets to participate are the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Strictly speaking, there are only three planets, as

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Moon and Venus Expected to Meet in Night Sky of Urals

The conjunction of the Moon and Venus can be seen in the night sky on February 27, reports e1.ru. This was told by the engineer of the training observatory of Ural Federal University Vladilen Sanakoev.  People will be able to observe Venus in the sky for several months, but in most cases, at least binoculars

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Center for Tracking Dangerous Asteroids and Comets to be Created in Russia

The head of the information and analytical centre for ensuring the safety of space activities in near-Earth outer space, Igor Bakaras, confirmed plans to create a national centre for tracking dangerous asteroids and comets.   As Bakaras specified, the new Center will deal with the identification and tracking of celestial bodies of natural origin approaching the