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Russia Adopted Law on Genomic Information Collection

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has signed a law that expands the list of persons subject to mandatory genomic registration. The relevant law is published on the official Internet portal of legal information.  According to the law, this list will include all convicted and serving sentences in the form of imprisonment, suspects and accused of committing

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Russian State Duma Adopted Law on Expanding Police Rights

The State Duma of the Russian Federation has adopted a law on expanding the rights of the police. Now police officers will be able to enter flats, open cars, detain Russians without introducing themselves, as well as inspect everyone they consider suspicious.   The State Duma adopted in the third reading a law on expanding the

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Russian Policeman Got Upset About Fraudsters [Video]

Every time a Russian transfers money to fraudsters, a local police officer feels sad, according to the Krasnoyarsk Ministry of Internal Affairs Chief Directorate.   Policemen explained their creativity by the fact that no one has watched traditional fraud prevention videos for a long time. So, the employees of the local police station decided to attract

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Open Traffic Offenders Database to Be Launched in Russia 2021

The data on violators of traffic rules will be collected in a single online database, TASS reports with reference to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. According to the ministry, the service will start its work at the beginning of the year.    It is noted that the service will allow finding out whether

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Nizhny Novgorod Corgi Police Dog Visited Workplace Again

A corgi named Ryzhiy (“Red”), who had already completed his service in the transport police of Nizhny Novgorod, returned to his job for one day and showed his visit on his Instagram-Page.  “I decided to recall the working days, went with Olya to work on the day of her shift. I trained, ran, in general,

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Russian Only One Corgi Police Dog Got Retired

Russian corgi dog named Red got retired after serving in the law enforcement agencies of Nizhny Novgorod, which lasted 7 years.  View this post on Instagram В соответствии с приказом начальника УТ МВД России по ПФО я больше не буду служить в полиции. Я теперь, друзья, самый настоящий пенсионер! ⠀ Но, несмотря на это, скучать

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German Shepherd Helps Policemen in Kargat

Amelie is a German Shepherd working at the police office in Kargat. She often participates in the security and escort service and helps to bring criminals to the police station. The dog is supposed to work until December, and then will be retired, VN.RU reports.   According to the policeman, Dmitry Velichinsky, during the entire service,

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Most Beautiful Policewoman to Be Chosen Online

Novosibirsk residents can vote for the best policewoman online on the website of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs, reports VN.RU. The final will be held on the eve of International Women’s Day. The top 10 most beautiful girls in uniform is already determined. Among the 35 employees of the internal affairs bodies, 10 beauties have

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Novosibirsk Traffic Police Helped Baby to Be Born

Andrey Nesterenko and Dmitry Ziganshin escorted a pregnant woman to the maternity hospital, reports VN.RU.  Late in the evening, a man and his wife rushed along Sovetskoye Highway towards Novosibirsk. Suddenly, a woman began giving birth to a baby right along the way. An excited husband called the police with a plea for help. The