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Insight | Around Russia  | 27.07.21

Russians Named Their Favourite Intellectual Games

The All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (VTsIOM) presented data from a survey of Russians on the issue of intellectual games. It turned out that the favourite games of the country’s inhabitants are chess and checkers (25%), the quiz “What? Where? When?” (17%), card games (for example, poker), the “Own Game” quiz and backgammon (6% each). 

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Russians Told Which Meat Brand They Trust Most

Specialists of the Romir research holding presented an index of popularity and trust of Russians to brands of meat producers. According to the results of the research carried out by the holding’s specialists, the “Miratorg” brand is at the top of the rating (92 per cent of the respondents know it).   The second place is

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Russians Named Most Popular Dairy Products’ Brands

Specialists of the Romir research holding conducted a study and derived an index of popularity and trust in the brands of dairy products present in Russia. This year the “Prostokvashino” brand is in the lead in the rating on the popularity index (94 per cent of respondents know it).  The second place is occupied by

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Russians Trust IKEA Most of All Other DIY Chains

Specialists of the Romir research holding presented the IX Unique Index of Renovation and Convenience Shops Popularity, new-retail reports.    This year Leroy Merlin is the leader in the rating on the visibility index (89 per cent of respondents know it). In second place with the same result is IKEA and in third, OBI with

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‘Gazprom’ Became Most Mentioned Russian Company in Foreign Media

‘Gazprom’, ‘Rosneft’, and ‘Lukoil’ topped the list of the most mentioned largest Russian companies in foreign media in 2020. The rating was prepared by the “LexisNexis” provider of legal business research, especially for TASS.   The experts analyzed the number of references in the press of the first hundred of the RAEX-600 rating of the largest

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Russians Named Top 10 Most Effective Ministries

Russians consider the Ministry of Emergency Situations to be the most effective one, according to a survey conducted by the Romir research holding. The last time a similar survey was conducted in 2003, and since then, the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Justice, and the Ministry

Insight | Around Russia  | 11.01.21

Russians Named Most Promising Professions 2021

The experts of the Rabota.ru job search service together with the specialists of the SberService conducted a joint study and found out which professions, in the opinion of Russian residents, will be the most promising in 2021. The study involved more than 3,000 respondents from all regions of the country.   According to the results of

Insight | Around Russia  | 28.12.20

Expert Named Professions With Decreasing Demand

The president of the SuperJob job search service, Alexey Zakharov, spoke about the professions in which employment may decrease in the next ten years, RT reports.   According to him, one of the professions that will begin to lose popularity in the next ten years will be an accountant, since digital technologies have already begun to

Insight | Around Russia  | 08.12.20

Experts Named Most Popular Cat Breeds in Russia 2020

The most popular cat breeds among the residents of Russia in 2020 were Maine Coons, as well as British and Siberian cats, according to the President of the International Felinological Association Elena Shevchenko.  It is noted that due to the fact that people are more often at home because of the coronavirus pandemic, they have

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Experts Named Most Popular Foreign Actors Among Russians

English actor, Tom Hardy, has become the most popular foreign actor among Russian Internet users. According to the rating compiled on the basis of requests from Russian users of Yandex search, country residents most often searched for his name in search engines, Vesti reports.   The actor scored 100 points on the list of requests for

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Rapper Morgenshtern Became Separate Phenomenon for Russian Youth

The MTS big data analysts have calculated the mobile traffic of the youth audience and found out that the work of the rapper Morgenshtern stands out as a separate independent phenomenon, equal to such categories as “online shopping”, “education”, or “entertainment”, RIA News reports.   The analysts have studied the mobile traffic of the audience aged

Moscow | Insight  | 23.09.20

Experts Named Most Popular Names for Moscow Newborns

In August 2020, Alexander (259) and Sofia (269) remained the most popular names among Moscow newborns, the city news agency ‘Moscow‘ reports with reference to the press service of the Moscow Social Development Complex.     The top 5 popular female names in Moscow in August also included Anna (212), Maria, Victoria, and Alisa. It is