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Celebrities | Fun | Sports | Music  | 13.11.20

Russian Hockey Player Named Favourite Russian Singers

The Russian forward of the Washington Capitals National Hockey League, Alexander Ovechkin, has become a guest of the Sychev Podcast and Denis Kazansky YouTube Channel. It is noted that Ovechkin has been playing for Washington since 2005 and is the team captain now. In total, Ovechkin has scored 706 goals in the NHL and ranks

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Over 40% Russians Preferred Domestic Films to Foreign Ones

Almost half of Russians (44 per cent) watch Russian films more often than foreign ones, according to the results of a survey conducted by the Public Opinion Foundation. Among citizens over 60, there are 70 per cent domestic film lovers.   The respondents who prefer Russian films explained their choice by the fact that domestic films

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Russians Called Perfect Work Parameters

In the parameters of ideal work, Russians put high salaries first, also emphasizing stability and a good team, RIA News reported.  The study was conducted in July 2020, and more than 4.6 thousand users of Rabota.ru and 2.6 thousand Viber users from all Russian regions took part in it. According to the study, 67 per

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Disabled People to Use Preferential Taxi and Car Sharing Parking

People with disabilities, moving on any transport, will be able to use their right to free parking around the country, RIA FAN reported. Now, the disabled can also park at a discount moving by taxi and car-sharing.  Now, it will be easier for citizens with disabilities to use a taxi or car-sharing, as the right

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Sociologists Determined Preferences of Russians at Grocery Stores

Experts said that most Russians do not plan to create huge stocks of products in connection with the quarantine.  According to the results of the Russian Public Opinion Research Centre survey, about 87 per cent of Russian citizens do not consider it necessary to stock up on products for the future in connection with the

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Retail Chains Reveal Which Smartphones Prefer Russians

The press service of the M.Video-Eldorado group told which smartphones the Russians preferred in 2019. This was reported by the 360 ​​channel.  Russian people were most often interested either in models worth 10-20 thousand rubles or expensive ones, worth 50 thousand rubles and more. In this regard, the average check increased to 16.5 thousand rubles