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Insight | Around Russia  | 08.02.22

Russians Named Top Professions They Advise Their Children

Only 3 per cent of Russian parents surveyed by specialists of the job search service dream of a scientific career for their child, while most of the respondents voted for the professions of IT specialists and medical workers.  Talking about their dreams of the future for their sons, 26 per cent of Russian parents admitted

Insight | Around Russia  | 07.02.22

Russians Named Professions With Highest Income

Russians consider being the most profitable profession of a politician (19 per cent), a programmer (13 per cent) and a businessman (13 per cent), which follows from a study conducted by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre on the professions with the highest income in Russia.   When asked which professions they currently consider the most

Insight | Around Russia  | 12.01.22

Russians Chose Most Prestigious Professions

The most prestigious professions, according to the Russians surveyed by specialists of the Public Opinion Research Centre are a medical worker (31 per cent), an education worker (19 per cent) and a specialist in computer and IT technologies (16 per cent).   Also, respondents named the professions of a specialist in the legal field (13 per

Economics | Insight | Around Russia  | 11.01.22

Experts Named Highest-Paid Industries in Russia

The highest salaries on average in Russia are received by oil and gas workers (152 thousand rubles), management managers (146.7 thousand rubles), as well as representatives of the aviation industry (126.5 thousand rubles), according to the results of a study conducted by the FinExpertiza analytical service of the international audit and consulting network based on

Insight | Around Russia  | 16.12.21

Russian Schoolchildren Shared Plans for Future Profession

Most of the Russian schoolchildren would like to do business in the future, as stated in the survey conducted by the ‘Yaklass’ International Educational Company from November 22 to 30, 2021, among the students of grades 5-11 throughout Russia.   According to the study results, almost half of the respondents (48 per cent) want to become

Insight | Around Russia  | 10.11.21

Russians Told Which Professions They Consider Simplest Ones

Specialists of the Russian job search service conducted a study and found out which professions residents of Russia consider the simplest ones. The study showed that 60 per cent of Russians consider the simplest profession a courier. In turn, 50 per cent of respondents named as such a security guard job, and 48 per cent

Insight | Around Russia  | 28.10.21

Demand for Couriers in Russia Increased 5 Times Since 2020

In the first three weeks of October 2021, the demand for couriers in Russia increased by 10 per cent compared to the last month. During the year, there were 5.2 times more vacancies for delivery service employees in the country.   As specified, during the year, vacancies for couriers in Moscow increased by 407 per cent,

Insight | Around Russia  | 26.10.21

Most Russian Pharmacists Consider Their Work a Vocation

Russian pharmacists, teachers, PR specialists, and doctors are most often convinced that their work is a vocation. In turn, programmers think so less often and mostly consider their work a way to generate income.   Based on the results of the study, it can be said that 55 per cent of Russians are currently working for

Insight | Around Russia  | 15.09.21

Experts Named Best Professions for Graduates of Russian Universities

IT companies and retail managers more often than specialists from other spheres hire university graduates without work experience, as reported by TASS with reference to the study conducted by the Superjob job search service experts.   According to the study, among employers from various fields of activity, IT companies, trade organizations, and banks are open to

Insight | Around Russia  | 24.08.21

Russians Named Most Difficult Professions

Specialists of the Rabota.ru job search service together with the Sberbank Health service conducted a joint study and found out which professions, according to residents of Russia, are the most difficult ones. In the course of the study, more than half of the respondents (52 per cent) noted that they consider the profession of a