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Russia International | Videos  | 28.06.22

Russia Denied Ukraine’s Accusations of Purposefully Firing Kremenchug Shopping Center 

On June 27, the Russian Aerospace Forces struck with precision missiles in Kremenchug at “hangars with weapons and ammunition received from the US and European countries.” These hangars were located near the Kremenchug plant of road vehicles, according to the official representative of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov, during a

Ukraine Collecting Bloody Harvest – ‘Real Patriot’ to Be Convicted for Inciting Hatred Towards Russians

“We are peaceful people, we do not have Nazis here,” said Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelensky. And then, a video was widely spread in social media that shows a woman representing Ukraine and playing a role of an executor of a Russian soldier, “reaping a bloody harvest.” The video is an absolute example of inciting hatred

Ukraine’s Bloody Provocation in Kramatorsk Debunked

On the morning of April 8, a Ukrainian Tochka-U rocket exploded over the Kramatorsk train station. The explosion killed over 50 people and injured more than 100. The Ukrainian side immediately accused Russia of carrying out the strike. However, the tail part of the rocket was preserved, the photo of which immediately got into the

Russian Security Service Detained Ukrainian Intelligence Agents for Sabotage Activities

Ukrainian saboteurs detained by FSB officers for intelligence activities in three Russian regions have confessed to being guilty. Two of them, Zinovy and Igor Kovals, confessed to being recruited by the current employee of the Ukrainian security service in the Ternopil region, Colonel Vasily Kovalik.  As reported, on his instructions, the saboteurs had to photograph and collect