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Trading | Business  | 18.10.21

Russia Increased Premium Cars Sales by More Than 22%

According to the AUTOSTAT analytical agency, 125.3 thousand new premium segment cars were sold in Russia in the period from January to September 2021, which is 22.9 per cent more than in the first 9 months of last year.   It is noted that more than half of the specified volume of the sold cars (55

Russia Occupied Third Place in Bitcoin Global Mining Rates

Russia is now ranked as the world’s third-biggest bitcoin miner, with the country being responsible for 11.23 per cent of the global “hash rate”, according to the University of Cambridge statistics.  The first place in the rating is taken by the US, which accounted for 35.4 per cent of the world’s bitcoin mining power and

Business | Technology  | 07.10.21

Car Experts Named Top Russian Regions in Number of Electric Cars

By mid-2021, there were 12,290 electric passenger cars in Russia with 35 per cent of them concentrated in only three regions of the country. As noted by experts, the Russian fleet of electric vehicles is quite small, making up less than 0.03 per cent of the total number of passenger cars.   It is specified that

Moscow Restaurants Entered Top 30 World’s Rating 

Two Moscow restaurants, White Rabbit and Twins Garden, were included in the annual rating of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. In the list announced on October 5 at a ceremony in Antwerp, they took 25th and 30th places, respectively.  On the rating’s website, White Rabbit is described as a place with a spectacular 360-degree view

Economics | Business  | 15.09.21

Russian Ruble Included in Top 20 World Currencies

The Russian ruble occupied the 20th place with a share of 0.18 per cent in international settlements. Previously, the Russian national currency has already appeared in the rating in December 2016, also in the 20th place, RT reports.    According to the rating, the most popular global currency is the US dollar with a 39.38

Insight | Around Russia  | 10.09.21

Experts Named Russian Regions With Richest Residents 

Moscow and the Moscow region have become the regions where the most millionaires live, RBC reports with reference to a study conducted by analysts of the Centre for Wealth Management and Philanthropy of the ‘Skolkovo’ Moscow School of Management.  According to experts, there are about 100 thousand rich people in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Fun | Movies  | 08.09.21

Over Half Russians Prefer Films of Domestic Production to Foreign Ones

The majority of Russians (60 per cent) prefer watching Russian films to foreign ones, which follows from the data of the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (VTsIOM), TASS reports.  In addition, 23 per cent of respondents said that the quality of Russian cinema has improved over the past few years, although about 44 per cent

Insight | Around Russia  | 25.08.21

Russian Youth Named Top 10 Cities for Career Building

Specialists of the Rabota.ru job search service conducted a study and found out in which cities there are more opportunities for training and building a career for young professionals. According to the results of the study, Moscow topped the rating (46 per cent of respondents).   The top 3 cities for specialists under 25 also included

Insight | Around Russia  | 24.08.21

Russians Named Most Difficult Professions

Specialists of the Rabota.ru job search service together with the Sberbank Health service conducted a joint study and found out which professions, according to residents of Russia, are the most difficult ones. In the course of the study, more than half of the respondents (52 per cent) noted that they consider the profession of a