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Russia International | Trading  | 02.02.22

Russian Energy Supplies to China Reached Record Level

The Chinese gas market is currently the most promising one, so during the talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping special attention will be paid to this issue, as stated by the President’s Assistant Yuri Ushakov. He also said that energy supplies from Russia to China have reached record volumes.  According

Record Number of One Web Satellites Launched From Russian Cosmodrome [Video]

Thirty-six OneWeb communication satellites launched from the Russian ‘Baikonur’ cosmodrome into target orbits, as reported by the ‘Roscosmos’ State Space Corporation. This number of satellites was launched from Baikonur for the first time.  Все 36 спутников связи #OneWeb успешно отделились от разгонного блока «Фрегат» и выведены на целевые орбиты // All 36 @OneWeb communications satellites

World’s Youngest Female Pilot Arrived in Khabarovsk

The youngest pilot in the world, 19-year-old Zara Rutherford, reached Khabarovsk as part of a round-the-world trip and since November 9, due to cyclones, she has been stuck in the village of Ayan in the Khabarovsk Territory of Russia, as reported in the Telegram channel of the Governor Mikhail Degtyarev.   As reported, stormy weather with

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Russia to Break Record in Non-Primary Non-Energy Exports 2021  

Russia’s non-primary non-energy exports will reach a record $180 billion by the end of 2021, and in the first nine months of this year, it has already amounted to $135 billion, according to the Head of the Russian Export Center (REC) Veronika Nikishina at the Eurasian Women’s Forum.  “According to the REC, for 9 months

Economics | Business  | 08.09.21

International Reserves of Russia Updated Historical Maximum

The international reserves of the Russian Federation from August 20 to 27 increased by 3.4 per cent and amounted to $615.6 billion, updating the historical maximum, PRIME reports with reference to the materials of the country’s Central Bank.   It is specified that the previous record was set by the Central Bank on May 28, when

Russia Broke Record of Tourist Flow to Maldives

Russian tourists have set a new record for tourist flow to the Maldives, Lenta reports with reference to the ‘Turprom’ information portal. According to statistics, 124.6 thousand Russian citizens visited the islands in the first half of 2021, which is 190 per cent more than in 2019. In addition, it is noted that Russia occupies

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Vostochny Cosmodrome Broke Launch Record

Russia’s new “Vostochny” cosmodrome has set a record for the number of launch vehicle launches in a year, RIA Novosti reports.  It is specified that in total, in 2021, three launches were organized from the Vostochny cosmodrome. These were on March 25, April 26, and May 28. The fourth launch is planned for July 1,

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Russia Set Record for Oil Supplies Volume to United States

In March 2021, the Russian Federation delivered to the United States a record over the past 12 years volume of oil and petroleum products, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the data provided by the Energy Information Administration of the US Department of Energy (EIA). Thus, the country rose to the second line in terms

Economics | Business  | 28.02.21

Russian Banks Increased Investments in Securities

Investments of Russian banks in securities increased in January 2021 by 0.3 per cent and as of February 1, 2021, began to reach a record 15.74 trillion rubles, RIA News reports with reference to the press service of the Central Bank of Russia. Country banks also had equity securities in their assets at the beginning