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Economics | Business  | 19.10.20

Experts Named Russian Regions With Highest and Lowest Debt Burden

The total volume of lending to Russians over the past year has increased by 13 per cent, RIA News reports, which ranked the most and the least credited regions of the country.  Among the most heavily credited regions were Kalmykia, Tuva, and Kurgan region, where the degree of debt burden is 87 per cent, 76

Insight | Omsk  | 04.10.20

Omsk Authorities to Spend Over 40 Million Rubles on New Buses

At a meeting of the Omsk regional government, the issue of compensation for the costs of purchasing new vehicles for carriers operating at regulated tariffs on municipal and inter-municipal routes was discussed. It is planned to allocate 41.5 million rubles from the regional budget for the purchase of 41 buses, om1 reports.   It is specified

Recommended | Insight | Around Russia  | 30.09.20

Russians’ Opinion: Country Residents Ready to Help Foreigners

Most Russians consider their country attractive to tourists, according to the study conducted by the NAFI Analytical Centre. More than half (51 per cent) of Russians find their regions sufficiently developed to receive travellers. The highest proportion of such people are the residents of the Northwestern and Central Federal Districts (65 per cent and 58

Insight | Around Russia  | 30.09.20

Experts Named Russian Regions With Best Grandmothers and Granddaughters Ratio

In more than 60 regions of Russia, there is a large disproportion between grandmothers and granddaughters (2–4 grandmothers for one child), according to the head of the laboratory for quantitative methods of researching regional development of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics Elena Egorova.  She claimed that the drop in fertility affected the ratio. Thus,

Recommended | Insight | Around Russia  | 28.09.20

Experts Named Russian Most Healthy Regions

Dagestan and Chechnya turned out to be the leaders among the Russian regions, the citizens of which lead a healthy lifestyle. The top five also included the Republic of Adygea, Krasnodar Territory, and Kabardino-Balkaria, RIA News reports. These regions recorded a relatively low consumption of tobacco and alcohol. In addition, there are relatively few workers

Moscow | Events | Visit  | 23.09.20

Interregional Fair Opened in Moscow

The Agricultural Products Fair has started to work in Moscow, on Orekhovy Boulevard. It will be open all year round every day from 9 am to 8 pm, the official website of the Mayor of Moscow reports.   Fairs are popular among Russians due to the fact that a person can buy agricultural products from producers

Economics | Moscow | Business  | 20.09.20

New Living Wage for Moscow Region Pensioners

For pensioners of the Moscow region, a minimum subsistence level was set for 2021, Moscow Region Today reports. For this, the law was adopted on the establishment of a living wage (10,107 rubles) which is 600 rubles more than the average one in Russia.  It is noted that the adopted law is aimed at supporting

Business | Industry  | 09.09.20

Moscow Region Agrarians Harvested Almost 400,000 Tonnes Grain

The agrarians of the Moscow region harvested about 400 thousand tonnes of grain and leguminous crops, according to the press service of the regional Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Moscow Region Today reports.  It is noted that currently, in the region, the gross harvest of grain and leguminous crops is 398 thousand tonnes, which is

Culture | Visit | Trip Advisory  | 09.09.20

New Tourist Quests Through Russian Regions Appeared on Russpass Platform

New tourist routes have appeared on the Russpass platform in six regions of the Russian Federation, namely, the Bryansk, Ivanovo, Moscow, Oryol, and Tyumen regions, as well as the Stavropol Territory. Specialists of the platform have prepared various tours, individual excursions, and quests, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reports.   For example, the Bryansk

Economics | Business  | 08.09.20

Experts Named Russian Regions With Highest Salaries

The Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat) has published the data on the nominal average monthly wage in Russian regions in the first half of 2020, RT reports. The leader among the subjects of the Russian Federation was the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, with the average salary of 116,500 rubles.  The second place is taken by the

Insight | Around Russia  | 07.09.20

Russians Supported Idea of ​​Introducing Sex Education in Schools

According to the study of the telemedicine service “Doctor is Near”, most Russians supported the idea of ​​introducing sex education lessons in schools, RBC reports. The survey involved 4.2 thousand Russians, three-quarters of whom have children; among them, 52% are men and 48% are women.  According to the survey, 41.5% of the country’s residents fully

Economics | Business  | 07.09.20

Experts Announced Russian Regions Leading in Labour Market Index

Moscow, St. Petersburg, and the Moscow region topped the ranking of Russian regions in the labour market index for 2019. The indicator was calculated based on the values ​​of nine indicators characterizing wages, working conditions, employment, and the capacity of the labour market in each specific subject of the federation, RIA News reports.  It is