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Culture | Visit  | 06.11.20

Tatarstan Volunteers Handed Out Ribbons for Constitution Day

The Constitution of the Republic of Tatarstan celebrates its 28th anniversary this year. It was adopted on November 6, 1992. On the holiday, Kazan volunteers handed out ribbons in the colours of the republican tricolour to city residents.  Citizens could get ribbons today from 11 am to 1 pm in Gorky Park and on Bauman

Places to Visit | Visit  | 04.12.19

Republic of Karelia: Amazing Land of Lakes in North-West of Russia

Lakes occupy about a third of republic’s area, and almost half of it occupy mighty forests. The authentic architecture and traditions of Karelia add more charm to the region. Usually, tourists arrive in the main city of the republic – Petrozavodsk, and then drive to the corners of interest. Sortavala is another important city of