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Recommended | Moscow | Insight  | 13.07.20

Top 5 Unique Residential Buildings in Moscow

A list of the most unusual residential buildings in the capital of Russia built over the past hundred years has been published on the Moscow Mayor’s official website. The list included more than a dozen houses and is dedicated to the end of the restoration of the first residential building in the city, the house

Recommended | Insight | Yekaterinburg  | 15.11.19

Environment-Friendly House: New Way to Save on Utility Bills

Residential complex “Komsomolskaya, 67” received a gold certificate of Green Zoom standard after an independent examination.  High-class and energy-efficient household appliances consume a minimum of electricity without compromising functionality. Naturally, this has a positive effect on utility bills. The development company Pervostroitel was one of the first to decide on a set of engineering solutions

Insight | Yekaterinburg  | 14.11.19

Unusual Building in Popular Sleeping Area

Microdistrict Zarechny offers high-quality housing close to the city centre for reasonable money. In addition to the well-developed infrastructure – kindergartens, schools, supermarkets, fitness centres and a shopping centre – the micro-district has good transport accessibility. Already now you can walk around a new house and choose your own decoration. The new residential complex “the House