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Latvian Activist and Russian Student Detained for Opposing Fascism in Baltics

On February 6, the Riga City Court detained Tatiana Andriets, a 22-year-old activist of the Latvian Russian Union party, accused of actions “against the national security” of the Baltic Republic and ties with the “Anti-Fascists of the Baltic” Telegram channel, as her lawyer, Imma Yansone, said.  Andriets, a student at St. Petersburg State University, came

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Fans Banned From Bringing Russian Flag to ‘Australian Open’

Tennis Australia has banned fans from bringing Russian and Belarusian flags to the stands of the “Australian Open” due to complaints from Ukrainian fans.  The organizers of the “Australian Open” reminded that initially fans from Russia and Belarus could bring flags, but they were forbidden to wave them so as not to cause interference for

Estonia to Spend Almost 1 Mln Euros on Dismantling Soviet Monuments

The Estonian government will spend more than 900 thousand euros on the dismantling and transfer of Soviet military monuments, as reported by ERR.  According to the government spokeswoman, Evgeniya Vyarya, the authorities allocated 916,405 euros to institutions subordinate to the Ministry of Defense for activities related to “the transfer of Soviet military monuments from public

Finland Holds Anti-Russian Festival on Christmas Eve

The “Active Action” festival will be held in Finland on January 6-7 and will bring together LGBT figures, feminists, representatives of the so-called “independent” media from Russia in Helsinki. All of them will gather at the festival, where it is planned to develop “alternative coexistence policies”.   In fact, the newly-minted candidate for NATO openly organizes

EU Parliament Recognized Russia Sponsor of Terrorism

The EU Parliament adopted a resolution recognizing Russia as a sponsor of terrorism. The resolution was adopted during the voting of the members of the EP.  “By declaring Russia a state sponsor of terrorism, MEPs want to prepare the ground for [Russian President Vladimir] Putin and his government have been held accountable for these crimes

Estonia Froze Russian Oligarchs’ Assets

The Estonian authorities have frozen the assets of Russian oligarchs Andrei Melnichenko (EuroChem company) and Vyacheslav Kantor (DBT logistics company). Now Tallinn, together with the EU, is considering the use of these tens of millions of euros for transfer to Ukraine, as reported by the Estonian broadcaster ERR.   As specified, among the frozen funds there

EU Froze Russian Assets Worth 68 Billion Euros

The EU has frozen Russian assets worth about 68 billion euros, according to Politico, with reference to the data from the EU Commission.  According to the document referred to by the publication, the bulk of the assets are frozen in Belgium — there are about 50 billion euros there. In addition, a significant part belongs

Russian Defense Ministry: Ukrainian S-300 Elements Fell in Poland

Experts identified the wreckage of the missile in images from the explosion site in Poland as elements of the Ukrainian S-300, the Russian Defense Ministry reported.  “Statements by various Ukrainian sources and foreign officials about the fall of allegedly ‘Russian missiles’ in the village of Przevodow are a deliberate provocation with the aim of escalating

Russian Delegates Denied Visas to OSCE Session in Poland

Russian parliamentarians were denied visas to participate in the autumn session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, which will be held in Warsaw on November 24-26, as the First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs, Vladimir Dzhabarov, said.  “We have received an outrageous response from the head of the Polish delegation to