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Finland Arrested Yandex Assets

Even though the Russian search engine Yandex is not under western sanctions, the “Helsingin Sanomat” newspaper wrote on Thursday, September 22, that the Yandex data center in Mäntsälä was arrested.  According to the Finnish newspaper, the executive body of Finland in August froze the local assets of Yandex on the basis of the inclusion of

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Twitch Blocked Russian Broadcasting Gas Stove 24/7 [Video]

The US video streaming service Twitch blocked the channel of a Russian who launched a round-the-clock broadcast with a working gas stove.  “This channel is currently unavailable due to a violation of the community rules or Twitch terms of sale,” the message says when trying to watch the stream. A resident of Rostov-on-Don with the

Finland Proposed EU Imposing Travel Sanctions Against Russians

Finland has proposed to the EU to include a ban on issuing tourist visas in the list of anti-Russian sanctions, as well as terminate Schengen visas for Russians.  “Finland has proposed that in order to strengthen the unity of the EU, tourist visas should be included in the scope of EU sanctions. Finland considers it

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Russia Offered EU Transfer Blocked Fertilizers for Free to Countries in Need, But No Response

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, called the EU’s refusal to respond to Russia’s proposal to transfer free Russian fertilizers from European ports to developing countries free of charge cynical.  “The height of cynicism is that even our offer for free, I want to emphasize this, to transfer 300,000 [tonnes] of Russian fertilizers blocked in European ports

Finnish Prime Minister Blames Energy Crisis on Vladimir Putin

Finland, as well as its EU allies, made a decision to shoot itself in the foot economically by unilaterally slashing energy purchases from Russia. Moreover, the country complicated the process of issuing visas to Russians, who used to make up a big income for the tourism industry. However, the leadership of the state blames a

West Unleashed Hybrid War Against Russia in Ukraine, Russian Foreign Minister Says

The collective West shamelessly, rudely, and aggressively unleashed a hybrid war against Russia when it realized that plans to turn Ukraine into an “anti-Russia” had failed. This was stated on Thursday, September 1, by Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, at a meeting with students of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations.  “Today, the events

EU to Cancel Visa Facilitation Agreement With Russia

After an informal meeting in Prague of the heads of European foreign ministries, Hungarian Foreign Minister, Peter Szijjarto, said that the EU will not impose a complete ban on issuing visas to Russians, though intends to cancel the visa facilitation agreement with the country.  This issue was discussed at an informal meeting in Prague. Some

Almost 30 Estonian Companies Ask to Lift Anti-Russian Sanctions  

Twenty-eight Estonian companies ask to be temporarily exempted from EU sanctions against Russia in order to continue importing petroleum products from there, as reported by the portal of the state television and radio broadcasting ERR with reference to Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu.  As reminded, according to the restrictions imposed by the EU against Moscow

Hungary Refused to Ban Issuing Schengen Visas to Russians

Hungarian Foreign Minister, Peter Szijjarto, said on Wednesday that he does not support plans to introduce a ban on the issuance of Schengen visas for Russian citizens.  “We agree with the position of the German Chancellor and do not plan to introduce any restrictions,” he wrote on his page in Facebook. As specified, Germany, along

UK Reduces Imports From Russia to Historic Lows

In June 2022, the UK imported goods and services from Russia in the amount of 33 million pounds, which is the minimum in the entire history of observations since January 1997, the country’s statistical office ONS reported, specifying that it is 96.6 per cent less than the average of UK imports from Russia for the

Russia Called France ‘Unfriendly Country’

France is an unfriendly state due to its various anti-Russian actions, as stated by the Press Secretary of the President of Russia, Dmitry Peskov.  “France is an unfriendly country because of the actions that France is taking against our country,” Peskov said, answering a question about relations between Paris and Moscow. As reminded, in the

Former German Chancellor Refused to Cut Ties With Russian President

Former German Chancellor, Gerhard Schroeder, in an interview with RTL/ntv, responded to criticism for maintaining contacts with Russia during the political crisis and friendly relations with the country’s President Vladimir Putin.  As the former chairman of the German government stressed, the situation in Ukraine can be resolved through negotiations, for which the Kremlin is ready.