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Economics | Business  | 26.07.21

Russians Cut Savings in Foreign Currency

Over the past seven years, the share of Russians who have savings in foreign currency has been systematically decreasing, so that by the end of 2020 it decreased threefold to 6 per cent (compared to 19 per cent in 2014), according to the experts from the NAFI Analytical Centre.   Specialists have found out that respondents

Economics | Insight | Around Russia  | 23.05.21

Experts Analysed Russian Schoolchildren’s Savings

About 20 per cent of Russian schoolchildren save up for gadgets and electronics, as follows from a study conducted by the international educational company YaKlass, RIA Novosti reports.  In April-May 2021, the company’s specialists conducted a survey in which 1,083 students of grades 7-11 of schools in 85 regions of the Russian Federation took part.

Economics | Business  | 22.02.21

Russian Financial Experts Calculated ‘Safety Cushion’ Optimal Size

By conventional standards, the safety cushion should be between three and six-monthly household expenses. It is this amount that will be needed to maintain a habitual lifestyle after dismissal and while looking for a new job, Prime reports.  The founder and CEO of the “Dengi Vpered” (“Money First”) fintech company, Pavel Guzhikov, considers it reasonable to

Economics | Business  | 04.02.21

Russian Non-State Pension Fund Paid Out Over 2 Billion Rubles

Russian non-state pension fund (NPF) SAFMAR paid out 2.04 billion rubles of pensions in 2020, which exceeds the payments of 2019 by 173.14 million rubles. In particular, the fund increased payments to pensioners on compulsory pension insurance by 14 per cent, to 1.62 billion rubles.  According to the statistics of the fund, at the end

Moscow | Insight  | 06.01.21

Moscow Authorities to Launch First Electric Buses With Heaters

The Moscow authorities are going to launch the first electric buses running entirely on electricity in 2022, according to the official Telegram-channel of the Moscow Department of Transport.  It is expected that electric buses will help city authorities to reduce operating costs and simplify rolling stock maintenance, as they have a 15-year manufacturer’s service warranty.

Economics | Business  | 29.12.20

Most Russians to Save Money in 2021

The Rabota.ru service conducted a study and found out whether residents of Russia are planning to make money savings in 2021. More than 3,000 respondents from all regions of the country took part in the survey, according to the results of which, 72% of respondents did not save money in 2020.  It is noted that

Economics | Business | Around Russia  | 24.12.20

Russians Told How They Spend New Year’s Salary Bonuses

Most Russians are going to spend their “thirteenth salary” (a salary with a bonus) on paying off loans, vacations, or buying gifts, RIA News reports with reference to the results of a survey conducted by the SuperJob job search service among 1,600 Russians over 18 years old.  According to the results of the survey, 14

Economics | Business  | 23.12.20

Russian Experts Found Out Who Saved More for Retirement

The SAFMAR Non-State Pension Fund studied the client base by year of birth of clients and found out that people who were born in leap years have saved more for retirement than those born in other years. In total, the accounts of 3.8 million persons insured with NPF SAFMAR were analyzed. The average bill of

Economics | Business  | 04.11.20

Russians Revealed Attitude to Short-Term Savings

The ‘Safmar’ non-state pension fund conducted a survey on the attitude of Russians to the formation of savings. The study involved 700 people from different cities of Russia, NewsNN reports.   The survey revealed that almost half of the respondents know about alternatives to the deposit. As the key factor when choosing alternative ways of saving

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Russian Expert Gave Tips on Fuel Save

The auto expert, Artem Krasnov, shared the ways to save several thousand roubles a year on car fuel. He noted that with a mileage of 35,000 per year and average fuel consumption in the region of 10 l/100 km, more than 150,000 rubles a year are obtained, so even a small fuel saving makes a

Economics | Business  | 14.06.20

130 Billion Rubles Saved Up by Russians for Retirement Over Past 10 Years

The total amount of funds generated by the participants of the state pension co-financing programme from 2009 to 2019 amounted to almost 130 billion rubles, the Russian Pension Fund reported.  The project of state co-financing of pension savings was developed with the aim of helping Russians increase the size of their future pensions through personal