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Russia-NATO Relations at Critical Level, Deputy Defence Minister Warns

Relations between Russia and NATO are “at a critically low level,” as stated by the Russian Deputy Defence Minister Alexander Fomin after the two parties hold a meeting in Brussels.  “Russian-NATO relations are at a critically low level. This is happening against the backdrop of global instability, the terrorist threat, the deployment of another arms

We Won’t Allow to Undermine Russian Sovereignty, Ambassador to US Says

Russia’s Ambassador to the US, Anatoly Antonov, repelled statements that Russia is “solely responsible for unleashing the crisis in Ukraine” given by the US Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland on January 11. The Ambassador stressed that such accusatory rhetoric of senior State Department officials does not lead to creating a constructive atmosphere in the

Today: Russia and NATO to Meet for Discussion on Security Guarantees

The first meeting since 2019 between high-level delegations from NATO and Russia on security guarantees in Europe as part of the NATO-Russia Council will take place at NATO headquarters in Brussels today, on January 12.  The meeting comes after the US-Russia talks in Geneva which were held on Monday, January 10. The US side promised

Russia Revealed NATO’s True Mission

NATO’s goal is to fill a void left over from the fall of the USSR, as stated by the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. He noted that “NATO is now a purely geopolitical project to develop the territory which was left abandoned after the disappearance of the Warsaw Pact and after the collapse of the

German Lawmaker: Russia’s Proposals to NATO are Unacceptable

Moreover, the chair of the German Bundestag’s foreign affairs committee, Michael Roth, said on Sunday, December 19, 2021, that Russia’s demand that NATO stop its eastward expansion is unacceptable.  “First, I am glad that, obviously, we are currently at a stage when initiatives are advanced that can be discussed. But this proposal, of course, is