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Insight | Around Russia  | 15.09.21

Russians Chose Top Countries for Autumn Vacation

Russian tourists are planning to fly to Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, and Saudi Arabia in the autumn, TASS reports with reference to the study of the largest insurance company in Russia, Rosgosstrakh. It is noted that the analysis of preferences was made based on purchased insurance policies for September-October of this year.  According to the analysis

Trading | Business  | 14.09.21

Russian Diamond Mining Company Increased Sales Almost by 50%

The Russian diamond mining company “Alrosa” sold $297 million worth of diamonds in August 2021, and $10 million worth of brilliants, TASS reports. Compared to the indicator of August 2020, the company increased sales of diamonds by 47 per cent, while brilliants decreased by 31.5 per cent.    At the same time, in August 2021,

Economics | Trading | Business  | 09.09.21

Wildberries Tripled Number of New Sellers

The number of new entrepreneurs on the Wildberries online platform for January-August 2021 was three times higher than for the whole of 2020, TASS reports with reference to the press service of the company.     In the eight months of 2021, more than 207 thousand entrepreneurs started selling their goods on Wildberries international online shopping

Insight | Around Russia  | 25.08.21

Russians Named Money Amount They Spend on Food and Housing

More than half of Russians spend from 10 to 20 thousand rubles a month on housing, while spending on food is mainly in the range of 5-25 thousand rubles, according to the results of a study conducted by the Rabota.ru job search service, RIA Novosti reports.   According to the results of the study, the majority

Insight | Around Russia  | 23.08.21

Russians Named Perfect Amount of Time for Recreation

More than two weeks are required for a full rest for almost half of Russians, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the press service of the Federal Service for Labour and Employment (Rostrud).  According to the service, 45 per cent of Russians surveyed need even more than two weeks for a full rest. It is specified

Moscow | Insight  | 17.08.21

Moscow Officials Named Most Unusual Newborns’ Names

Muscovites in 2021 gave their sons names associated with mythology and geographical names (for example, Zeus, Theseus, Yenisei, or Baikal), the press service of the city’s registry offices told RIA Novosti.  “In 2021, boys in Moscow were given such unusual names on space and mythological themes as Cosmos, Zeus, Achilles, Theseus, Helios, Hermes. Parents sometimes

Insight | Around Russia  | 12.08.21

Number of Marriages Increased by 40% in Russia 2021

The number of marriages in the first half of 2021 increased by 40 per cent in Russia compared to the same period last year, as follows from the data of the country’s Ministry of Justice, Izvestia reports. In January-June 2021, 367,661 couples received marriage certificates, while a year ago there were only 221,153 of them.  

Russia International | Trading  | 11.08.21

Bilateral Trade Between Russia and China Grew by Almost 30%

Trade turnover between Russia and China in January-June 2021 increased by 27.7 per cent compared to the same period last year and amounted to $61.896 billion, RIA Novosti reports citing data provided by the Federal Customs Service (FCS) of Russia.  It is specified that exports from Russia to China increased by 26.6 per cent and

Expert Named Most Popular Russian Goods Abroad

The demand for Russian goods in recent years has been growing not only within the country but also abroad, RIA Novosti reports. The most popular among foreign buyers are electronics (34 per cent of all sales), designer clothes, toys, souvenirs, as well as goods of the “beauty and health” segment, according to the Development Director

Russia Broke Record of Tourist Flow to Maldives

Russian tourists have set a new record for tourist flow to the Maldives, Lenta reports with reference to the ‘Turprom’ information portal. According to statistics, 124.6 thousand Russian citizens visited the islands in the first half of 2021, which is 190 per cent more than in 2019. In addition, it is noted that Russia occupies

Russia International | Trading  | 30.07.21

Russian Export to USA Rose Sharply Despite Sanctions

Over the five months of 2021, the import of Russian oil and oil products to the United States increased by more than three quarters. For other commodities, purchases in dollar terms also rose strongly, despite the current sanctions, RBC reports, with reference to the statistics provided by the US Census Bureau. According to the Federal