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Trading | Business  | 18.01.22

Russians Chose Most Profitable Marketplaces

Specialists of the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (VTsIOM) conducted a survey of Russians dedicated to online stores and marketplaces. The results of the study showed that more than half of Russian Internet users surveyed (59 per cent) have made non-food online purchases over the past year, with the most common requests made to AliExpress,

Trading | Business  | 19.04.21

Russian Retail Chain Opened First ‘Near the House’ Store

The Lenta hypermarket chain has launched the first store in the “near the house” format “Mini Lenta”, TASS reports. The first store was opened in Sergiev Posad, Moscow Region.  It is noted that Lenta is the largest hypermarket chain in Russia and the fourth largest retail chain in the country. At the end of 2020,

Trading | Business  | 09.03.21

Russian Experts Studied Gender Differences in Purchasing Behaviour

Experts of the ‘Romir‘ Research Centre studied the consumer activity of Russians over the past year and prepared a comparative analysis of the purchasing behaviour of men and women.  According to the results of the study, almost all Russian women were going to the stores and purchased FMCG products over the past year. On the

Economics | Trading | Business  | 15.02.21

Wildberries Bought Standard-Credit Bank

The CEO and main owner of the ‘Wildberries’ largest Russian online retailer, Tatiana Bakalchuk, has become the owner of 100 per cent shares in “Bank Standard-Credit” LLC, Interfax reports.  It is noted that the equity capital of Standard-Credit Bank is 302.09 million rubles, the net loss is 21.79 million rubles. Previously, “Standard-Credit” was owned by

Trading | Business  | 20.10.20

Russian Children’s Retail Chain Launched Own Marketplace

The ‘Detsky Mir’ (“Children’s World”) group of companies which is the largest Russian retailer of children’s goods, is launching its own marketplace for all categories of goods, PRIME reports.   It is noted that the ‘Detsky Mir’ retailer operated 810 stores at the end of September 2020. Free float is 100 per cent of the company’s

Trading | Business  | 10.09.20

Rostov Region Pensioners to Get Permanent Discounts in Retail Chains

On September 14, a new social programme for people over 70 will start operating in the Rostov region. They will be able to make purchases at a constant discount in four retail chains, 1rnd reports. In the action will take part 650 stores of large retail chains Pyaterochka, Lenta, Solnechny Krug, and Leroy Merlin.  It

Trading | Business  | 30.08.20

Average Check in Russian Alcohol Stores Decreased by 14%

In Russian alcohol stores, the average check has decreased since the beginning of the year by 14 per cent compared to the same period in 2019, according to the research conducted by Taxcom, RT reports.   It is reported that since January 2020, the average check for purchases in Russian alcohol stores amounted to 447 rubles,

Trading | Business  | 14.06.20

Experts Note Price Reduction for Branded Clothing After Pandemic

President of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Tenants of Russia, Andrei Bunich, explained the fall in prices for branded clothing after the coronavirus pandemic, Nation News reports. According to the expert, this happened due to a decrease in purchasing power and the companies’ losses. The expert notes that many points became unprofitable, and the competition

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Russian Grocery Stores Opened Biometric Payment

Russian grocery stores have begun testing the payment system for goods using the Unified Biometric System, Izvestia reported.  Biometric acquiring can be implemented by the middle of this year. Holders of bank cards connected to the Unified Biometric System will be able to pay for goods by looking at the camera at the checkout counter.

Trading | Business  | 26.02.20

Farmers Get Government Help to Open Stores

The ministry will try to create conditions under which farmers would not be dependent on networks and could sell their products on their own, reports REGNUM.  Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Russia, Oksana Lut, promised to help farmers sell their products, establish distribution channels and open stores. She reminded that in 2020, in accordance with

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First Purchases of Russians in First Days of 2020

In the first days of 2020, Russians purchased on the Internet not only household goods or books. According to the press service of the Ozon online store, during the holidays, people doubled purchases of adult goods, reports RIA News.  Since January 3, the number of daily orders has exceeded 100 thousand, and since January 4,

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Yota Operator Started Selling Elari Gadgets

The assortment includes several types of devices, among which are 4G routers, a portable smart speaker, a wireless headset, children’s watch phones, and many others.  Also available for purchase are several models of phones, including KidPhone 4G with built-in voice assistant “Alice”, support for video calls and GPS tracking. “We want Yota customers to be

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Pop-up Store of Allj Brand Opened in Moscow

Hip-hop artist Allj has opened a pop-up store of his own clothing line under the brand name Sayonara Boy. You can find it on the second floor of the Tsvetnoy department store in Moscow. Pop-up store represents the format of the “point of present” of the brand, that is the temporary place of presence and