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Trading | Business  | 25.12.19

Perekrestok Chain of Stores Opened Healthy Corners

The Perekrestok trading network launched a pilot project to organize special zones with products for a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. The testing takes place in 16 supermarkets in Moscow. Perekrestok intends to become a supermarket of good habits. The most popular healthy-lifestyle assortment will be collected in one location inside the trading floor and

Recommended | Trading | Business  | 19.12.19

Magnit Shop Opened First Innovative Store “Next to Home”

Magnit opened the first innovative store “Next to Home” in Kazan. It is equipped with solutions that previously were used mainly by retailers in large scales.  The company in the store offers a new digital system SelfieToPay, with which you can pay for purchases by face without cash, card or phone. In order to use

Trading | Business  | 17.12.19

Retailers Plan to Start Using Big-Data

At the Retail Future forum, leading retailers in the Siberian retail market discussed whether retail stores have a future in the era of the Internet.  Over the past five years, online stores have been taking customers away from retail chains: Russians prefer to purchase not only clothes, toys and equipment, but also food and basic

Trading | Business  | 08.12.19

MegaFon Opened New Format Store in Moscow

The MegaFon store in a new format of Experience Store was opened in the metropolitan shopping centre “Metropolis”. The first and main difference between the new store and other retail outlets of this network is its size. Experience Store is 130 square meters which is four times more than the traditional MegaFon salons. In the