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Insight | Around Russia  | 28.05.21

Most Russian Drivers Familiar With People’s Car-Sharing

In Russia, the service of providing cars by subscription is gaining more and more popularity. Over the two years of the pandemic, the number of operators has grown significantly but not all drivers are still familiar with this service, which follows from the results of a survey conducted by the Romir research holding.    Six

Economics | Business | Movies  | 08.09.20

Russian Men Spend 16% More Money on Online Cinema Than Women

Russian men on average spend 16% more on online films purchase than women, according to a study conducted by Russian Standard Bank, PRIME reports. The study examined all card transactions in the “cinema” segment for all bank cards, depending on the number of transactions, average bill, gender, age, and geography, comparing this data for the

Recommended | Fun | Sports  | 02.04.20

Home Training Competition for Omsk Citizens

Omsk City Hall announced a competition for the best video of training at home. There will be two nominations, namely individual classification and family classification, that is parents with children.  For the first place in each category, a person can get a subscription to visit a pool and an ice rink for 12 months, for