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Insight | Around Russia  | 17.05.22

Experts Named Top Professions In-Demand of Russian Students

In April — early May 2022, the average salary of babysitters in Russia increased by 30 per cent, the salary of hostesses — by 22 per cent, and the salary of merchandisers — by 13 per cent. This was reported by analysts of the Avito Rabota job search service on May 17, 2022.  The company

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Russians Celebrate Ivan Kupala Holiday

The Slavic folk holiday of Ivan Kupala is celebrated on July 7. It is dedicated to the flowering of nature and the summer solstice. The holiday coincides with the Nativity of John the Baptist who predicted the birth of Jesus Christ and then baptized him in the waters of the Jordan, vtomske reports.  The culmination

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Russians Told How Long Ago They Had a Vacation

Specialists of the Rabota.ru job search service conducted a study and found out how long residents of Russia work without vacations and how long their vacations are when they take those.   According to the survey results, every tenth respondent was on vacation less than a month ago, another 7 per cent took a vacation 1-3

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Russians Named Best Vacation Destinations

Most Russians believe that the ideal vacation is a vacation abroad. At the top of the list of countries to which respondents would like to go are Turkey, Italy, Spain, and Thailand, the SuperJob job search service reports.    The results of the study conducted by the specialists of the service showed that according to

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Russians Bought Tours With Cashback for 700 Million Rubles

In three days of the programme of reimbursing half of the funds for vouchers to children’s summer camps, Russian parents bought 21 thousand tours worth 700 million rubles, TASS reports with reference to the Head of Rostourism Zarina Doguzova.  Doguzova explained that the interest in the programme is great around the country and the first

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Russians to Have Summer Vacation Inside the Country

Specialists from the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (VTsIOM) presented data from a survey of Russians about their summer vacation plans. It turned out that most Russians are going to stay at home this year (52 per cent). Others plan to go to their dachas (34%), another Russian city (13%), the resorts of the Black

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Russian Experts Gave Advice on Choosing Sun Cream

Specialists of the ‘Roskachestvo’ national quality monitoring system do not recommend purchasing sun cream with citrus essential oils, since they increase sensitivity to the sun, TASS reports.   Experts recommend that people living in northern cities who do not spend much time in the sun should use chemical filters as they feel lighter on the face

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Over 3,000 Beaches Expect Russian Tourists During Swimming Season

More than three thousand equipped beaches will be opened in Russia in the swimming season of 2021, RIA Novosti reports with a reference to the Head of the State Inspection Department for Small Boats (GIMS) of the Russian Emergencies Ministry Andrey Pechenin.   Pechenin added that the number of beaches may increase since due to closed

Insight | Around Russia  | 21.05.21

Moscow Offers Largest Salary for Teenagers This Summer

Specialists of the SuperJob job search service conducted a study and found out whether Russian teenagers work in the summer and what professions they choose to earn money during these summer holidays.   According to the results of the study, 15 per cent of Russian children aged 14-17 will earn money this summer, while 50 per

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Most Russians Visited Summer Camps as Children

Specialists from the All-Russian Public Opinion Foundation (FOM) surveyed Russians to find out what they think about children’s summer camp holidays.  According to the results of the study, the majority of Russians have experience of resting in a children’s health-improving summer camp, that is, 59 per cent of the respondents were in the camp when

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Kazan Residents Opened Swimming Season

The heat in Kazan grew so high that city residents without waiting for the official opening of the bathing season opened it independently. Young people had a swim in the Black Lake, KazanFirst reports.  “Such a party was on the black lake last night. Abnormal heat, what do you want)),” the author signed the photo.

Insight | Around Russia  | 07.05.21

Russian IT Companies Planning Summer Corporate Events

One in four Russian companies has summer corporate events already planned, according to the specialists of the SuperJob job search service based on the results of their research.  The results of the survey showed that 25 per cent of Russian companies have corporate events planned for the summer. It is specified that information technology companies