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Russia Created Headquarters for Restoration of Liberated Territories

The work on the restoration of the liberated territories of Ukraine and Donbass, the infrastructure of which was damaged during the hostilities, will be carried out in the staff mode, as stated on Friday, May 20, by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Government Marat Khusnullin.  “We have created a special headquarters, which includes

Insight | Around Russia  | 06.05.22

Russia Launched Navigator on Support Measures Under Sanctions

The navigator, which will help Russians get information about the support measures offered by the state against the background of external restrictions, has been launched on the Russian government official website. It is compiled in the form of a questionnaire and is posted in the section dedicated to helping citizens and businesses in the face

Trading | Business  | 25.04.22

Demand for Russian Ice Cream Showed Increase on China Market

Chinese residents are trying to support Russia in the face of tough Western sanctions and are actively buying Russian products, including ice cream, according to a representative of Dmitrovsky Dairy Plant JSC (Svitlogorye trademark) in China, Olga Gubina.  According to Chinese media, after the strengthening of sanctions, sales of the Russian National Pavilion began to

Economics | Business  | 21.04.22

Russia Introduced Law on Supporting Regions Under Sanctions

The State Duma of the Russian Federation adopted in the second and third readings a law establishing measures to support “the financial stability of regional and local budgets under sanctions pressure.”  Thus, in 2022, up to 390.7 billion rubles are provided from the federal budget for lending to subjects of the country. The funds will

Business | Technology  | 08.04.22

Russian IT Companies to Get Grants Covering Up to 80% of Project Cost

The Russian government has expanded grant support to domestic IT companies. Now they will be able to count on subsidies covering 80 per cent of the cost of projects, the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers reported on Friday. The relevant resolutions were signed by the country’s Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.  “The resolutions amended

The Economist Admitted World’s High Support of Russia

The Economist magazine conducted a study and found out which countries supported Russia during the aggravation of the situation around Ukraine. The British outlet divided the countries of the world into three categories: pro-Russian, neutral, and pro-Western. It turned out that more than a hundred countries fell into the group of pro-Western countries, in which,