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Russians Named Most Important Books About Great Patriotic War

More than 90 per cent of Russians consider it necessary to read books about the war as part of the school curriculum, and most respondents named the novel “The Dawns Here Are Quiet” by Boris Vasilyev as the most important book, TASS reports with reference to the data provided by the MyBook service.   It is

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Russians Named Professions With Too High Salaries

Almost 80 per cent of Russians consider the salaries of officials to be unjustifiably high, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the research conducted by the Rabota.ru job search service.   The majority of respondents (79 per cent) noted that officials in Russia receive too high salaries. Another 38 per cent of respondents claimed that too

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Russians Chose Favourite Films About Great Patriotic War

Among the films about the Great Patriotic War, Russians prefer to watch “Only Old Men Are Going to Battle”, according to the results of a survey conducted by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (VTsIOM), RIA Novosti reports.   According to the research results, the film “Only Old Men Are Going to Battle” is liked by

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New Survey: Russians are Not Addicted to Gambling

Every eighth Russian considers himself to be a gambler, according to the specialists of the SuperJob job search service. According to their research, 13 per cent of Russians are gamblers, on the contrary to 70 per cent of those who are not.  It turned out that men confessed being gamblers more often than women (15

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Russian IT Companies Planning Summer Corporate Events

One in four Russian companies has summer corporate events already planned, according to the specialists of the SuperJob job search service based on the results of their research.  The results of the survey showed that 25 per cent of Russian companies have corporate events planned for the summer. It is specified that information technology companies

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Most Russians to Participate in Victory Day Celebrations

Specialists of the Romir research holding studied the attitude of Russians to the upcoming Victory Day and found out how the country’s residents plan to spend this holiday.  According to the results of the survey, the majority of respondents (38 per cent) traditionally plan to take part in the Victory Day celebrations. In June 2020,

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Russians Consider Themselves Hard-Working People

Specialists from the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (VTsIOM) conducted a survey during which they tried to find out if Russians consider themselves to be hardworking people.   Experts stated that in Russia the term “procrastination” is often used as a synonym for laziness. So, 6 per cent of Russians explain it as postponing things for

Insight | Around Russia  | 05.05.21

More Than Third Russians Do Not Trust Self-Driving Vehicles

Specialists of the SuperJob job search service conducted a survey among representatives of the economically active population from all districts of Russia and found out that most of those who want to drive unmanned vehicles are among the residents of Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Voronezh, and Ufa.   However, the results of the study showed that 37

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Most Russians Have Special Attitude Towards Easter

Specialists of the All-Russian Public Opinion Foundation (FOM) conducted a survey of residents of Russia and found out what they think about the Easter holiday. The results of the study showed that for the majority of Russians (72 per cent) Easter is a special significant day (versus 25 per cent of respondents with the opposite

Insight | Around Russia  | 03.05.21

Coronavirus Changed Companies With Aggressive Corporate Culture

The corporate culture of their company is most often called “tough” by employers from the banking (21 per cent) and construction sectors (15 per cent), while “soft” corporate culture is mostly applied to the employees of IT companies (82 per cent), according to the SuperJob job search service specialists.  During the coronavirus pandemic the number