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Trading | Business  | 22.04.21

Internet Commerce Industry Grew by 47% in Tatarstan

Over the past year, e-commerce showed an increase of 47 per cent, as stated by the founder of the iWENGO e-commerce business school, Yuliana Gordon, on a live broadcast of the #TatarstanOnline programme.  It is noted that electronics, clothing, goods for home and repair, goods for children and health, food, as well as building materials

Events | Fun | Sports  | 21.04.21

Over 600 Kazan Citizens to Take Part in Gagarin’s Race

On April 22, 2021, the 79th track and field athletics relay race will be held on Kremlevskaya Street in Kazan. The competition dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s space flight is organized by the city’s Physical Culture and Sports Committee.  The participants will be gathered by 1 pm near the main building of

Insight | Around Russia  | 20.04.21

Nizhnekamsk Residents Donated 32 Litres Blood on Donor Day 

In Nizhnekamsk, 71 people came to donate blood on Donor Day. As a result, they donated 32 litres. Five people shared blood for the first time, KazanFirst reports.  Usually, the Blood Centre does not accept primary donors to prevent the disposal of the surplus but before the long May and New Year holidays, an exception

Insight | Around Russia  | 20.04.21

Unemployment Level in Tatarstan Showed Decrease by More Than 30%

The number of unemployed in Tatarstan since the beginning of 2021 has decreased by 13,012 people and amounted to 25,639 people (a decrease of 33.67 per cent), TASS reports with reference to the Deputy Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Protection of the Republic Klara Tazetdinova.   “As of April 9 this year, the number of

Insight | Kazan  | 22.03.21

Kazan Parents Checked Food Quality in School Canteens

In total, almost 7 thousand parents tasted school lunches in Kazan and were satisfied with the food there. The general director of the City Food Department, Rima Mukhamedshina, told about this on March 22, at the mayor’s office, tatar-inform reports.   Parental nutritional control began to operate in Kazan on January 11, 2021. Moms and dads

Insight | Kazan  | 14.03.21

Tatarstan Art Schools Received 40 Pianos

As part of the “Cultural Environment” federal project since the beginning of the year, 40 pianos were sent to the children’s art schools of the Republic of Tatarstan, KazanFirst reports. The acquisition was carried out by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia and cost it more than 15 million rubles. The funds came

Insight | Kazan  | 01.03.21

Kazan Ranked First in Housing Commissioned

In 2020, 52 residential buildings with 14,427 flats were commissioned in Kazan. Among them are 8 residential buildings for 2,257 flats under the social loan programme, the press service of the city administration reports. More than a fifth of the commissioned houses are objects of individual housing construction.   According to preliminary data, Kazan ranks first

Business | Industry  | 25.02.21

Russian Oil Company Robotizes Tire Complexes

Tatneft is a Russian oil and gas company that automates and robotizes Nizhnekamsk tire enterprises. The company plans to create a robotic assembly of semi-finished products for tires and “raw” tires, automation of systems for moving semi-finished and finished products, as well as automation of production quality control and warehouse operations, KazanFirst reports.    It

Insight | Kazan  | 08.02.21

Kazan Became Russian Official Gastronomic Capital

Kazan was officially recognized as the gastronomic capital of Russia. Now the city has a corresponding trademark, as stated by the director of the city’s Tourism Development Committee Daria Sannikova. The idea was supported by the Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin.   “We submitted documents for brand registration back in January last year. On January 20,

Insight | Around Russia  | 28.01.21

Experts Named Professions Requiring Overtime Work

Most workers in Tatarstan would agree to work overtime if necessary if their employer takes care of his employees as much as possible, KazanFirst reports. Such answers were given by Tatarstan citizens representing the sphere of procurement, extraction of raw materials, and security.  Accountants, R&D and HR specialists were the least likely to agree to

Business | Technology  | 21.01.21

Automatic Lockers Appeared at Kazan Railway Station

A new generation of automated storage rooms appeared at the Kazan railway station. Now a passenger, depending on the size of his baggage, can choose the most suitable compartment out of 220 available (standard, medium, or large – 60, 90, or 180 cm in height, respectively), KazanFirst reports.   It is noted that modern technology allows

Visit | Trip Advisory  | 14.01.21

Kazan Launched Direct Flights to Arkhangelsk

The ‘RusLine’ Airlines has launched regular flights from Kazan to Arkhangelsk. Departures from Kazan are scheduled on Mondays and Thursdays, and from Arkhangelsk on Tuesdays and Fridays, the press service of the Kazan airport reports.    It is specified that the planes from Kazan will depart at 2.45 pm with arrival in Arkhangelsk at 5

Visit | Trip Advisory  | 13.01.21

Russians Offered Flights to Lipetsk From Kazan

From January 13, 2021, the ‘Utair’ airline will operate flights to Lipetsk from Kazan, and from January 14 it will launch flights from Mineralnye Vody to the same destination. Such flights will be especially useful for passengers flying to Lipetsk from Tyumen and Sochi, TASS reports.  The ‘Kazan – Lipetsk’ flight will be operated twice