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Moscow | Insight  | 23.11.20

Moscow Electronic School Teachers Gave Over 3 Million Lessons

Since October 19, 2020, Moscow teachers have conducted over 3 million online lessons for students in grades 6-11 at the Moscow Electronic School (MES).  According to the official website of the Moscow Mayor, every day, more than 500,000 students and teachers are connected to online classes. During the above stated period, schoolchildren who study remotely

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Russian Maths Teacher Created Innovative Teaching Method

The winner of the competition “Teacher of the Year of the Moscow Region 2020”, a teacher of mathematics from a gymnasium in the Odintsovo District, Alexander Yadrin, spoke about his innovative method of teaching maths through works of art, Radio 1 reports.   Walking through the galleries, the teacher began to notice that there is some

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Almost Half Russian Teachers Engaged in Tutoring

The study conducted by the “MAXIMUM Education” company among thousands of Russian teachers on the eve of Teacher’s Day, which was celebrated yesterday, on October 5, showed that 49 per cent of the survey participants are engaged in tutoring, another 11 per cent are going to become tutors, while 41 per cent have been tutoring

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Tatarstan Teams Reached Teachers Competition Final

According to the results of the seventh semi-final of the professional competition “Teacher of the Future” which took place in the Republic of Bashkortostan, two teams from Tatarstan reached the final, KazanFirst reports.   The first all-Russian competition for teachers was launched on November 19, 2019, by the presidential platform “Russia is the Land of Opportunities”

Insight | Omsk  | 07.09.20

Urals Teachers Encouraged Working in Omsk Villages

Since the new academic year, 10 teachers have started to work in the districts of the Omsk region. Those teachers from the Urals who have made a decision to move, receive payments as part of the federal programme “Zemsky Teacher”.    According to the press service of the Ministry of Education of the Omsk Region,

Insight | Omsk  | 01.09.20

Omsk Music College Students Received New Bus on Knowledge Day

Today, on September 1, the Omsk Music and Pedagogical College received a gift from the regional government, a new bus. With its help, students will be able to attend concerts in the most remote places of the region, om1 reports.  The Omsk Music and Pedagogical College was founded in 1968 and now it prepares music

Events | Fun  | 01.09.20

Rostovites Expect Light Show on Theatre Facade

In Rostov, at the Maxim Gorky Drama Theatre, the historical light show “Struggle for Victory” will be shown, 1rnd reports. The show will begin on September 3 at 9 pm and will operate until 11 pm. The spectators will see colourful large-scale video projections dedicated to the historical events of 1941-1945.  It is noted that

Economics | Business  | 12.08.20

Tatarstan Teachers to Get Additional Payments

In Tatarstan, over 22,000 school class teachers will begin to receive more from September 1. Now they are provided with an additional 5,000 rubles. The corresponding decree was signed by the Prime Minister of the republic Alexey Pesoshin. “Establish, from September 1, 2020, a monthly remuneration for class guidance to teachers of state organizations of

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Russian Teachers Ready to Keep Working in Summer

Most teachers (57 per cent) are going to continue their work in the summer, RT reports with reference to the results of the survey conducted by the Skysmart Interactive Workbook service and Prosveschenie publishing house.  The experts stated that 27 per cent of teachers are not going to continue their work in the summer, 16 per

Moscow | Insight  | 03.06.20

Over 9 Million Distance Lessons Conducted by Moscow Teachers During Quarantine

In Moscow, teachers taught more than 9 million distance learning lessons over a period of self-isolation that has been lasting already for 2,5 months, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reported.    According to the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Social Development, Anastasia Rakova, over 50,000 Moscow teachers have given online lessons during this

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Russian Teacher Spoke About Distance Education Quality

A member of the All-Russia People’s Front Central Headquarters, ‘The Teacher of the Year 2017’, Ilya Demakov, assessed the quality of distance education in Russia during the self-isolation regime, NSN reports. Demakov noted that the format of distance learning is not new for the country. According to the expert, there is a qualitative increase in

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Experts Named Regions With Young Teachers Highest Salaries

Over the past few years, salaries for young teachers have increased in Russia, NEWS.ru reports with reference to Rosstat. Currently, young teachers who receive the highest salaries, live in the Sakhalin region with the average monthly salary of 70.1 thousand rubles.  The second and third places are shared by the teachers of the Nenets and