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Business | Technology  | 17.11.22

Russian Internet Satellite to Be Launched Into Orbit in 2024

The private Russian space company SR Space plans to launch its first spacecraft of the multi-satellite low-orbit broadband Internet access system SR NET in 2024.  “It is assumed that SR NET will become the Russian analogue of the Starlink satellite system in the future. The first launch of the SR NET spacecraft is planned in

Business | Technology  | 03.10.22

Russian New Generation Equipment Received New Name

The Russian equipment of the new generation, which is being developed as a replacement for the “Ratnik” and “Sotnik” kits, will be called “Legioner” (“Legionnaire”), as reported by RIA Novosti with reference to its source in the military-industrial complex.  “A decision has been made on the name for the promising equipment of the soldier of

Business | Technology  | 16.02.22

Russian Specialists Presented ‘White Paper’ of High Technologies

The Ministry of Economic Development of Russia has prepared a “White Paper”, which presents a study of the development of high technologies in Russia and abroad. The first edition of the analytical document, which is planned to be updated annually, is posted on the Ministry’s website.  As it is recalled, the study was prepared on

Business | Technology  | 24.12.21

Russians Creating Service With Unified Data on Scientists and Technologies

A single digital service containing information about individual Russian scientists and research teams, as well as technologies available in the Russian Federation, will be created in 2022, according to the country’s Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko.   It is noted that now in Russia such data “are in disparate services and information systems.” According to the

Business | Technology  | 15.12.21

Russia to Use Artificial Intelligence for Foreign Policy Analysis

The Russian Foreign Ministry is working on a system that will use artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze arrays of data related to foreign policy. Such systems can be used for screening visa applications and communicating with citizens.   A conceptual project of a big data analysis system using AI in relation to foreign policy activities is

Business | Technology  | 07.12.21

Russian Bank Presented Its First Smart Speaker

Russian Bank Sberbank has developed a new smart device “Sberbox Time” with the functions of a media speaker, a set-top box, and a clock with a musical alarm clock. The new device was created taking into account the latest trends in the field of product design.   The newly created speaker supports voice control via virtual

Business | Technology  | 01.12.21

Russian Startup Ready to Buy Your Face Identity for $200,000

Russian robot manufacturer Promobot is looking for a new face for its next humanoid robot, which will be used in hotels, shopping malls, and airports starting from 2023.   Promobot is a robotics company registered in 2015 in Perm by students Oleg Kivokurtsev, Maksim Utev, Igor Yeremeyev, and entrepreneur Alexey Yuzhakov. It produces autonomous service robots

Business | Technology  | 30.11.21

Russian Unmanned Robot Passed Tests for River Forcing

The Russian promising robotic platform “Marker” during the tests confirmed its ability to force rivers by wading into a reservoir with a depth of more than 0.8 metres, according to the Candidate of Technical Sciences, Executive Director of the NGO “Android Technology” Yevgeny Dudorov.    “As part of the acceptance tests of the ‘Marker’ platform

Business | Technology | Videos  | 29.11.21

Voronezh Academy Cadets Developed Spy Stone [Video]

Cadets of the Air Force Academy from Voronezh have developed a hidden surveillance complex disguised as a cobblestone in three years. Inventors test their development in the academic garden, against the background of pine trees.   A stone on tracks sneaks across the area. It can stay in standby mode for almost a day. When

Business | Technology | Videos  | 18.11.21

Specialists of Russian University to Develop School Textbooks With Augmented Reality [Video]

Electronic school textbooks using virtual and augmented reality technology are being developed at Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU). This was announced by the Rector of the university Viktor Sadovnichy.   According to him, the textbook nowadays “should be interactive, dynamically multi-level, brighter, more attractive.” Such innovations, according to him, are especially important in teaching stereometry. “The

Events | Visit  | 15.11.21

Made in Russia: Moscow to Hold International Export Forum

On December 10, Moscow will host the International Export Forum “Made in Russia” organized by the Russian Export Centre. This year’s programme was formed taking into account the interests of exporters of any scale and experience.  It is noted that in addition to the official part of the event, to develop useful ties and business

Business | Technology  | 11.11.21

Russian Specialists Invented Electric Dome for Anti-Drone Protection

Russian military scientists from the Combined Arms Academy of the Armed Forces are creating a new complex to protect critical infrastructure facilities from group drone attacks, which is an electrified dome-type barrier capable of driving away and destroying drones.   According to the description of the invention patented at the end of October 2021, this device