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Insight | St. Petersburg  | 03.12.19

Machines for Contactless Payment in St. Petersburg Metro

By the middle of December, 239 vending machines intended for buying and replenishing travel cards for contactless payment will be modernized in the St. Petersburg metro, according to St. Petersburg official government source Petersburg diary.  According to the portal, new devices designed for payment in a contactless manner were placed on ordinary terminals. By mid-December 2019,

Recommended | Insight | Chelyabinsk  | 27.11.19

Igor Meets Guests: Chelyabinsk New Terminal Welcomes Passengers

Today, the new terminal of the Chelyabinsk airport received the first passengers. The historic flight landed in the Southern Urals at 11:20. Now, after the opening of an ultramodern air complex, the Chelyabinsk air harbour will be able to receive almost four million passengers a year. Spacious business lounges, escalators and transporters everywhere, 20 check-in