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Russia Expressed Readiness to Continue Counterterrorism Dialogue With USA

Russia is ready to maintain counterterrorism contacts with the United States, including in the context of Afghanistan, Sputnik reports with reference to the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Department for New Challenges and Threats chief Vladimir Tarabrin.   According to Tarabrin, from 2018-2019, Moscow and Washington maintained a full-fledged cross-agency dialogue on the entire spectrum of counterterrorism issues,

Business | Technology  | 11.12.19

System of Passive Radio Monitoring from St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg researchers have developed a system of radar monitoring of airspace using satellite signals. The new technology is designed to combat terrorist threats. It can operate by utilizing the equipment used to support the work of digital television.  According to the press service of LETI (St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University), the development of the