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Russia Repelled Ukraine’s Attempt to Seize Snake Island

An attempt by Ukrainian armed forces to seize the Black Sea’s Snake Island by air and sea over the weekend resulted in failure and substantial casualties, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense on May 10, 2022.    “Over the past two days, the Kiev regime has made several desperate attempts to land by air

Russian ‘Flying Laboratory’ Detected US Spy Plane Over Black Sea

Russia sent its Il-114LL reconnaissance aircraft to shadow a US Air Force Boeing P-8A Poseidon surveillance plane over the Black Sea near Crimea, as stated in the Russian Telegram channel Voennyi Obozrevatel.   It is reported that the Russian Il-114LL, also known as “the flying laboratory”, “is conducting counter-surveillance” of the P-8A Poseidon anti-submarine aircraft, which

US Reconnaissance Plane Spotted Near Russian Border

On November 9, from 2.15 pm to 7.28 pm, an E-8C ground target reconnaissance and strike control aircraft of the US Air Force was detected over the Black Sea, as stated by the Russian Ministry of Defence. All this time it was accompanied by Russian radar. The plane, which took off from Ramstein Air Base in

Russian Diplomat Warns: Black Sea Becoming Dangerous Confrontation Zone

The Black Sea is becoming a zone of dangerous military confrontation due to NATO exercises, the director of the fourth European department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Yuri Pilipson, said in the interview with RIA Novosti. According to him, the alliance’s manoeuvres in the region provoke conflicts.  “It is quite obvious that this

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Crimeans Celebrated Victory Day in Mountains

On Victory Day Yalta rescuers raised a red flag on the Ai-Petri peak, TASS reports. According to the Black Sea Fleet press service, about 5,000 servicemen, representatives of the Russian Guard and the Emergencies Ministry, cadets and Yunarmiya (“Youth Army”) detachments, as well as more than 200 units of military equipment, took part in the

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‘Moscow’ Cruiser Crew Celebrated Day of Black Sea Fleet

On May 13, Russians celebrated the Day of the Black Sea Fleet, with the ceremonial forming-up on the missile cruiser ‘Moscow’, VM.RU reports.  The festive day of May 13 was established in 1996. In 1783, on this day, 11 ships and vessels of the Azov Flotilla, under the command of Admiral, Fedor Klokachev, entered the