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Indian Students Told About Their Studies in Russia

An Indian student, Upasak Bose, has earned an MBA in Finance and Marketing, as well as a diploma in Financial Accounting in his home country. He has already worked as a business analyst for a leading IT company there but now his goal is to complete a postgraduate degree in International Relations, Business and Economics

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Chelyabinsk Rescuers Released Falcon From Attic [Video]

Employees of the management company serving a block of flats in Ozersk noticed a falcon. They reported the incident to the chief engineer, who decided to contact emergency services, chelTV reports.   When rescuers arrived on the roof, it turned out that the bird flew into the attic and could not find its way out

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Experts Named Top Destinations for Chelyabinsk Residents to Move

Experts from the Chelyabinsk Statistics Service (Chelyabinskstat) analyzed statistical data on resettlement from the Chelyabinsk region and found out that almost 12 thousand people arrived in the South Urals, and about 10 thousand left it. The main inflow and outflow are associated with the CIS countries, and a small share falls on the far abroad,

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Retro Tram Delights Uralians With Design and Style [Video]

Soon it will be three months since the Governor of the Sverdlovsk Region, Evgeny Kuyvashev, appreciated the new development of Uraltransmash (an enterprise of JSC Concern Uralvagonzavod, which is a part of the state corporation Rostec) retro tram 71-415R. It happened on December 30, 2020, according to the press service of the governor.   According to

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Deposits Volume in Urals Increased by 11%

The amount of funds in bank accounts of residents of the Ural Federal District (UFD) grew by 11 per cent in 2020 and amounted to 2.4 trillion rubles, TASS reported with reference to the Public Relations Department of the Bank’s of Russia Ural Main Department.  It is specified that a significant increase in funds in

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Unique South Ural Mine Overgrown With Ice

One of the Ural photographers visited a mine in the village of Magnitka, not far from the town of Kusa. This mine 60 years ago was considered one of the best in the country, cheltv reports.    It is noted that magnetic iron ore was discovered in these places back in 1801, and only a

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Ancient Fossil to Be Sold in Urals for 1 Million Rubles

A resident of the Chelyabinsk region put up for sale an unusual fossil with the remains of ancient shells, chelTV reports.  According to the seller, there are several fossilized ancient spiral shells on the stone, but he was unable to pinpoint all the details. The man believes that his find may date back to the

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Elk Migration Filmed from Quadcopter [Video]

Elks living in the “Taganay” National Park in the Chelyabinsk Region decided to change their habitat. The migration of animals was filmed from the quadcopter, chelTV reports.   As it turned out, when there is too much snow in the Park, elks move from mountainous areas to river and stream valleys. This happens due to

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South Ural Students Create Mechanical Animals [Video]

Unusual inventions were presented by students of Zlatoust College at the regional competition of social student projects. Students bring animals from the construction set to life and make them make sounds similar to real ones. All students’ inventions are part of a project that won first place in the Regional Competition.    It is noted

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Ural Christmas Tree Toys to Be Sold for 250,000 Rubles

A collection of Soviet Christmas tree decorations was put up for sale in the Urals. The cost of the toys can now reach hundreds of thousands of rubles, chelTV reports. This was found out when a resident of Chelyabinsk put up for sale a collection for 250 thousand on the ad website.   There are several

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Yekaterinburg Plant to Produce High-Speed Trains

At the Ural Locomotives plant on October 20, the construction of an industrial complex for the production of high-speed electric trains was solemnly started. The first train will be manufactured in 2023, e1 reports. In total, about 10-12 billion rubles will be invested in the new project.  It is noted that new trains will be

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Urals Tourists Visited Abandoned Crystal Deposit

Tourists to the Urals have visited the Astafyevskoye field in the Chelyabinsk region. The deposit was discovered in 1947, and already in 1948 there was started the work at the mine. For a long time, the deposit was one of the main suppliers of piezoquartz for the military-industrial complex, chelTV reports. Later, specialists learned to