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Russia Testing New and Modernized Submarines

On the territory of the Admiralty Shipyards enterprise in St. Petersburg, a solemn ceremony of launching the new diesel-electric submarine “Velikiye Luki” of Project 677 “Lada” was held. Also, the “Tambov” nuclear submarine of the project 671RTMK “Pike” of the Northern Fleet went to sea for testing after being repaired and modernized.  “Today, on December

Algeria and Russia Starting First Military Training on Algerian Soil

About 200 soldiers will take part in the Desert Shield anti-terrorism exercises. This first joint ground operation on Algerian soil will take place in the west of the country, near Morocco.  Russia and Algeria are launching Desert Shield 2022 maneuvers, which bring together some 200 soldiers from Russian and Algerian counterterrorism forces in Bechar Province,

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Russia Conducted Training of Massive Retaliatory Nuclear Strike

Under the leadership of Russian President Vladimir Putin, a training session was held on delivering a nuclear strike in response to an enemy nuclear attack. The Kremlin said that the training with the participation of land, sea and air strategic deterrence forces was completed.   As specified, the Yars mobile ground-based missile system of the Russian

DPR and LPR Citizens to Undergo Free Professional Training in Russia

The Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Russian Federation proposed to include in the programme of free retraining the citizens arrived from the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics and received refugee status or applied for Russian citizenship.  As specified by the press service of the Ministry of Labor on Thursday, July 21, up

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Russian Large-Scale Exercises Ended in Pacific Ocean

The Pacific Fleet of Russia has completed large-scale anti-submarine exercises, in which more than 40 ships and 20 aircraft took part, according to the press service of the country’s Ministry of Defense.  As specified, the training took place from June 3 to 10 under the leadership of the Commander of the Pacific Fleet, Admiral Sergei

Russian S-400 Missile Systems Arrived in Belarus for Joint Exercises  

A Russian battalion of S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems has arrived at the training ground in the Brest region in southwestern Belarus, according to the press service of Russia’s Defence Ministry.   “A battalion of S-400 ‘Triumf’ surface-to-air missile systems of the Eastern Military District’s Air Force and Air Defence Army involved in an inspection of the

Belarusian Defence Ministry Reported on Border Violations by Ukraine

The Ministry of Defence of Belarus reported that it had called the military attache of Ukraine due to the increased cases of border violations. Previously, the country’s Foreign Ministry protested to the Ambassador of Ukraine because of the launch of a drone on their territory.  According to the Belarusian Ministry, the drone illegally crossed the

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Russia and Belarus Started Joint Military Exercises [Video]

Russia and Belarus have begun joint military exercises as part of combat readiness training, ahead of the planned ‘Union Resolve 2022’ military training, which will take place later this month. The Russian Ministry of Defence published a video showing tanks, helicopters, and other military vehicles conducting exercises on a snow-covered territory. According to the official

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Sberbank Held Technological Exercises Due to Possible US Sanctions Imposition

Last week, Sberbank conducted technological exercises amid reports of possible US sanctions restrictions on the supply of new electronics to Russia.   During the exercise, a situation was simulated in which Sber would be disconnected from the support of foreign software and electronics suppliers, including Microsoft, Nvidia, VMware, SAP, Oracle, and Intel. In addition, it was

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Russian Black Sea Fleet Started Major Exercises [Video]

The Russian Black Sea Fleet began large-scale military exercises on Wednesday, January 26. According to the official data, more than 20 ships went to the exercises.    “Frigates, patrol ships, small missile ships and missile boats, amphibious assault ships, small anti-submarine ships, as well as minesweepers are involved in carrying out tasks according to the

Ireland Protests Against Russian Military Exercise by Its Coast

Russia’s intention to deploy warships in marine exercises off the Irish coast has caused a wave of indignation from Dublin, with the country’s foreign minister claiming Russia is getting too far amid tensions across Europe.  Ireland considers undesirable military exercise that Russian warships are planning to conduct in the Atlantic Ocean, namely in the Irish

US Saw ‘Russian Threat’ Again, This Time in Troop Movement to Belarus

The US State Department linked the upcoming Russian-Belarusian military exercises to the alleged Moscow’s “plans for a possible invasion” of Ukraine. This was voiced by the White House press secretary Jen Psaki.  “We are very alert to everything that Russia is doing. The fact that we’re seeing this movement of forces into Belarus clearly gives