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Recommended | Business | Technology  | 15.06.21

Russian ‘Zeus’ to Search for Life in Universe

The “Zeus” Russian nuclear-powered tug will search for life in the Universe, as announced today, on June 15, by the head of the Roscosmos state space corporation Dmitry Rogozin, RIA Novosti reports.  “And missions that are sent to Mars, to Venus, and in the future, after the creation of thermonuclear capabilities, when moving outside the solar

Insight | Around Russia  | 06.04.21

Russian Programmers Would Like to Go Into Space

On the eve of Cosmonautics Day, which is traditionally celebrated in Russia on April 12, specialists from the SuperJob job search service interviewed Russians to find out their attitude to space flights. According to the study results, 31 per cent of country residents would like to go into space, while 57 per cent do not.