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Visit | Trip Advisory  | 16.07.20

Additional Flights to Be Launched from Omsk to St. Petersburg

From July 24, Ural Airlines will launch direct every day flights on the route St. Petersburg – Omsk. On the way, passengers will have to spend 3 hours and 50 minutes.  The planes from Omsk are already flying directly to St. Petersburg. Rossiya Airlines operates daily flights. The Omsk airport has recently launched flights with

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20 Thousand Yekaterinburg Residents Took Part in Ski Track

On February 8, Yekaterinburg residents joined the all-Russian action “Russian Ski Track”. More than 20 thousand citizens competed in the run, reports e1.ru.  Professionals ran 10 kilometres, and amateurs during the mass race overcame 2.5 kilometres,  for which 13 sites were organized. The event took place on a ski base in Uralmash. At the venue

Recommended | Insight | Chelyabinsk  | 07.12.19

Most Powerful and Beautiful Starfall in Chelyabinsk

The most powerful star rain will be observed in the Urals in the coming days. The meteor shower began today, December 7, and will last until the 17th. It is called the Geminids. Geminids discovered at the end of the XIX century. The stream does not fly toward the Earth but catches up with it,

Events | Visit  | 04.12.19

Petersburg Artist Presents Paintings in Urals

The St. Petersburg artist, the only one in the world who managed to take the highest awards at once in two competing American professional competitions – PSA and ASOPA, will personally present his works in Yekaterinburg. They will be exhibited in the new “Steny” gallery on Mamin-Sibiryak St., 126. According to the art director of

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Strange Dove Suprised Ural Residents [Video]

Residents of the Urals were embarrassed by the behaviour of birds. Pigeon quenched thirst with fluid from the exhaust pipe. A random passerby noticed a bird spinning under a truck. The car was started, and in addition to the gases, liquid also came out of the exhaust pipe. Walking closer, an eyewitness noticed that a

Visit | Trip Advisory  | 30.11.19

Black sale at Ural Airlines

Ural Airlines announced the Black Sale. Buy tickets with a discount of up to 50% on flights until the end of March 2020.  For flights from January 15 to March 31, 2020, the cost of air tickets is even more profitable. The promotion is also valid for flights from Samara to Sochi, Simferopol and Yerevan.

Business | Technology  | 28.11.19

Device Healing Bullet Wounds Invented by Ural Scientists

Ural scientists have come up with a device that, through the production of special argon gas, promotes the regeneration of wounds. It will help heal cuts, wounds and scars on the human body several times faster than they heal in natural conditions.  The device promotes the healing of bullet holes, can be used in surgery

Recommended | Insight | Chelyabinsk  | 22.11.19

Red Book Bird was Found with Broken Wing

In Chelyabinsk, local residents saved the swan from a pack of wild dogs. It turned out that the bird, have been damaged and could not leave the freezing reservoir because of a broken wing. Two Urals locals rescued a swan from the dogs attacking him. When they realized that nothing threatened the bird, but it

Recommended | Insight | Chelyabinsk  | 20.11.19

Fox Walks in South Urals Kindergarten

The fact that the forests in the Chelyabinsk region are full of wild animals is well known to the locals. Though sometimes they go out to the city, that is quite dangerous. In Magnitogorsk, residents noticed a fox walking around in the kindergarten. People heard that animal rabies quarantine was announced, so they should be careful. Now

Recommended | Insight | Chelyabinsk  | 15.11.19

Chelyabinsk Runs Forum for Foreign Students

A forum of foreign students “Ural Fest” is being held in Chelyabinsk. The Nigerians master Tajik dances, the Japanese take selfies in the Uzbek yurt (housing), Russian names are written in hieroglyphs – this is what the dialogue of cultures looks like. Windu Vijevira is from Sri Lanka. He is working on a mobile dictionary