Russians Hacked Ramstein Military Base Website

Russian hackers from the Killnet group announced that they hacked the website of the American military base Ramstein in Germany.  “The base broke down, something like that,” the Telegram channel We are Killnet reported. According to the RIA Novosti correspondents in Europe, the website was really not working. When trying to open a website in

USA Recruited 60 Militants for Terrorist Attacks in Russia and CIS, Foreign Intelligence Reports

In January of this year, US intelligence agencies recruited 60 militants in Syria, who are planned to be thrown into Russia and other CIS countries to commit terrorist attacks, the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) reported.  “According to reliable data received by the SVR, the US military is actively recruiting militants of jihadist groups affiliated with

Russian Philadelphia Flyers’ Player Refused Putting Gay Pride Jersey On, Keeping Faith to Orthodox Beief

On Tuesday night, January 17, Philadelphia Flyers’ player of the Russian origin, Ivan Provorov, refused to wear a gay pride warm-up jersey on the team’s Pride Night, citing religious beliefs.   For the pregame skate, the “Philadelphia Flyers” wore Pride-themed jerseys displaying names and numbers in rainbow colors and wrapped their sticks in rainbow tape. The “Flyers”

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US Embassy Published Appeal to Russians [Video]

The American Embassy in Russia published a video on its Twitter page pretending to express “solidarity with those who seek to create a more peaceful future.” In the video, there are Soviet and American leaders showed during the meetings of the times of the Cold War, shaking hands and smiling to each other.  На протяжении

USA Considers Declaring Russia ‘Aggressor State’

The administration of Joe Biden and the US Congress are discussing a draft document declaring Russia an “aggressor state,” as the ‘Hill’ newspaper reports, citing Republican congressmen’s aides and the draft document itself.  As a congressional aide familiar with the matter told the newspaper, the Biden administration told the Ukrainian side, which asked to declare

Ex-Reagan Adviser Received Russian Foreign Ministry’s Medal

US writer and scholar on Russia, Suzanne Massie, who served as an adviser to President Ronald Reagan, has received the medal of the Russian Foreign Ministry “For Contribution to International Cooperation.” The medal, signed by Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, was presented to Massie on Tuesday at the Foreign Ministry Representation in St. Petersburg. “If

Russian Cosmonaut to Fly to ISS on US Crew Dragon Spacecraft

Russian cosmonaut, Andrei Fedyaev, is going to go to the International Space Station (ISS) in February 2023 on the US Crew Dragon spacecraft, as reported by Russia’s space agency Roscosmos on Tuesday.  It is specified that the launch of the Falcon-9 rocket is scheduled from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. In addition to a

Russian Diplomat Called US Congressmen’ Actions ‘Democracy Twists’

On October 26, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, commented on the withdrawal of a letter from the US congressmen to Joe Biden. The letter called for diplomacy with Russia to end the conflict in Ukraine. Zakharova called the withdrawal “democracy twists”, which did not surprise her.   “Twists of democracy. You know — this is

Russia Expressed Readiness for Inspections on Compliance With Bioweapons Prohibition Convention

Russia is ready for inspections on compliance with the convention on the prohibition of the development of biological weapons, which was openly stated on September 22 by the Vice-Speaker of the Federation Council, Co-Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission to Investigate the Activities of the US’ Biological Laboratories in Ukraine Konstantin Kosachev.  “We have nothing to