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Business | Technology  | 13.05.22

Russian Developers to Get Access to New VK Video Technologies

The VK Russian social network will allow developers of IT services to use the technologies of the VK Video platform. The social network will provide them with their own opportunities to create videos and broadcasts. This was announced by the technical director of VK, Alexander Tobol, according to the company’s press release. The social network

Business | Technology  | 14.03.22

Russian Social Network Created Public Council to Support Entrepreneurs

VK is creating a public council to support medium and small businesses in the new conditions, which includes entrepreneurs and representatives of the public organization “Opora Russia”.  “The main goal of the council is to help representatives of SMEs adapt to new conditions and take into account their interests in business development as much as

Funny Russia | Celebrities | Fun  | 10.12.21

Russian Social Network Named Most Discussed Topics in 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has become the most discussed topic in the Russian social network VK.com (VKontakte) in 2021, which follows from the rating of the social network.   It is noted that issues related to the coronavirus pandemic took first place in the rating and were discussed in VK a total of 68.5 million times. As

Recommended | Insight | Around Russia  | 23.03.21

Russian Youth Prefers to Use VK Social Network

Specialists from the All-Russian Public Opinion Foundation (FOM) conducted a study to find out which social networks and instant messengers are the most popular among Russians.  According to the results of a survey conducted as part of the study, the top 3 included WhatsApp (50 per cent), VKontakte (38 per cent), and Odnoklassniki (29 per

Business | Technology  | 20.08.20

Russian Social Network Developed System to Combat Racism and Sexism

The VKontakte Russian social network is working on artificial intelligence to automatically recognize materials with hate-speech, or hostile statements. The new neural network will help specialists quickly find materials that violate the rules of the network and provoke aggression, PLUSworld reported.   Artificial intelligence will be able to identify a variety of categories of insults and