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Russia’s Defense Ministry to Provide Volunteers With Weapons, Equipment, and Medical Care

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation will provide volunteer formations with weapons, military equipment, provisions, and medical care, as stated in the draft order of the country’s Minister of Defense, published on Monday, January 30, 2023.  “I order to determine: the procedure for providing volunteer formations with weapons, military equipment, material and technical

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We Are Together: Russian Volunteers Help Families of Mobilized Men

In Russia, the mutual assistance campaign “We Are Together” has begun. With the support of the “People’s Front” All-Russian Public Movement, the hotline has begun to work. Volunteers accept applications for legal, psychological, humanitarian, and household aid to families of the mobilized around the clock.  Thus, with the support of the Ministry of Justice of

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Russian Youth Held Over 800 Actions for Victory Day

Activists of the “Young Guard of United Russia” held more than 800 actions throughout the country during which they congratulated the veterans of the Great Patriotic War on Victory Day, TASS reports.   At the end of April, the volunteers launched the action “Patriotism in Action”, as part of which they decorated steles and monuments for

Moscow | Insight | Events  | 08.03.21

Moscow Volunteers Gave Women Almost 300,000 Flowers

Today, on March 8, the “To You, Loved Ones” action took place in Moscow. As part of the action, volunteers presented local women with about 300 thousand flowers, TASS reports with reference to the chairman of the Committee for Public Relations and Youth Policy Ekaterina Dragunova.   Dragunova noted that already for the fifth time, volunteers

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Novosibirsk Residents Hold Volunteer Action

The “Snow Landing” youth patriotic action has started in the Novosibirsk region. Two dozen students gathered in the Iskitimsky district to help veterans and lonely retirees in removing snow from their yards, VN.ru reports. Also, volunteers plan to clear snow from monuments and cultural objects of the city.  It is noted that many traditions have

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Special Simulator for Disabled Dogs to Appear in Novosibirsk

The presidential grant in the amount of 1,400,000 rubles was won by a team of Novosibirsk volunteers who take care of animals in trouble. With the money from the grant, they intend to purchase a special simulator for physiotherapy of injured dogs, new equipment, and consumables for operations, VN.ru reports.   A representative of the animal

Moscow | Insight  | 13.12.20

Over 1,300 Ideas Proposed by Moscow Environmental Volunteers

On the crowd.mos.ru platform, a project dedicated to the harmonious architectural and landscape environment has come to an end, according to the official website of the Moscow Mayor.  It is noted that a total of 13,286 people took part in the “Time for Nature” crowdsourcing project. The project participants proposed 1,303 ideas for transforming the

Moscow | Insight  | 05.12.20

Russians Expressed Gratitude to Doctors on Metro Screens

Volunteers and doctors were thanked for helping Russians amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to the Telegram-channel of the Moscow Department of Transport.  “Volunteers together with doctors have become one of the main characters of this year. We support volunteers and annually join the Day of Kindness,” the publication says. The ministry emphasized that the words

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Volunteer Club to Be Opened in Moscow in December

The “#WeAreTogether” aid campaign which became popular during the pandemic, will continue to develop volunteering. A new club for volunteers will open in Moscow in December 2020, according to the official website of the city mayor.   It is noted that the #WeAreTogether campaign, which brought together Russian volunteers who are ready to help others, was

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Free Buns and Coffee for Doctors Deliver Novosibirsk Volunteers

Novosibirsk residents help doctors and deliver them coffee with cinnamon buns as part of the “I’m Driving a Doctor” project, VN.ru reports. Volunteers also drive doctors from clinics to patients’ addresses for free.  The initiator of assistance to the doctors was Sergey Semyonov, a resident of Siberia, who was the first volunteer to deliver doctors

Insight | Around Russia  | 31.10.20

Nizhnekamsk Activists Gave Citizens Free Masks

In one of the Nizhnekamsk parks, citizens were given free medical masks. City activists in this way reminded local residents that health should be highly appreciated, KazanFirst reports.   It is noted that regular raids are held in the city to check compliance with the mask regime. During the last raid, the inspectors did not find