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Putin Warns West: Assets Nationalization is Double-Edged Weapon

The nationalization of assets is a double-edged weapon, Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned during a government meeting in response to some Western countries proposing to seize Russia’s property abroad.   “We’re already hearing announcements coming from some officials about the possible nationalization of some of our assets. Well, this can be taken very far. Let

Russia Issues Warning to Countries Supplying Weapons to Ukraine

On Monday, February 28, Russia’s Foreign Ministry issued a warning to the EU countries providing weapons to Ukraine. These actions will get a harsh response from Russia that will continue to “ensure the achievement of vital national interests irrespective of the sanctions or their threat.”  “It is time for Western nations to realize that their

Insight | Around Russia  | 02.09.21

Putin Prohibited Forcing Russians to Get Vaccinated

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, declared it unacceptable to force the country’s residents to be vaccinated against coronavirus under the threat of losing their jobs, Mainland Magazine reports.  Putin has criticized mandatory vaccination among Russian citizens and noted that it is impossible to force people to get vaccinated under the threat of dismissal. “Importantly, no one

Business | Technology  | 19.03.20

New Warning Sign to Appear Soon on Russian Roads

A new sign will appear in the traffic rules. It will warn drivers about the cameras for photo and video recording violations, the government services website reports.  To date, only a sign with a video camera warning, which is usually hung under the sign of speed limits, warns about the cameras. At the same time,