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Insight | Around Russia  | 17.05.22

Experts Named Top Professions In-Demand of Russian Students

In April — early May 2022, the average salary of babysitters in Russia increased by 30 per cent, the salary of hostesses — by 22 per cent, and the salary of merchandisers — by 13 per cent. This was reported by analysts of the Avito Rabota job search service on May 17, 2022.  The company

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Experts Named Highest-Paid Jobs in Russia for Part-Time Work

Experts of the HeadHunter job search service named the highest-paid jobs for part-time work in Russia. It is noted that the average proposed salary for employees who work temporarily or partially amounts to 33.8 thousand rubles.  Thus, the manager of outbound tourism in Irkutsk can receive from 100 to 300 thousand rubles before taxes. There

Fun | Music  | 04.02.22

Russians Chose Top Songs for Lifting Working Spirits

Specialists of the Rabota.ru and Sberzvuk services found out what kind of music Russians listened to went they returned to work after the New Year holidays. According to the survey results, the return was given to residents of the country quite easily (63 per cent).  The survey results showed that pop, hip-hop, and rock more

Insight | Around Russia  | 11.01.22

Over 40% Russians Checked Work Chats During New Year Holidays

More than 40 per cent of Russians did not disable notifications in work chats on New Year’s holidays, which was stated in the results of a survey conducted by the Rambler & Co media holding. Thus, 42 per cent of Russians do not remove notifications in such chats during holidays and constantly monitor what is

Insight | Around Russia  | 21.12.21

Russians Revealed Top 3 Skills They Worked on This Year

Specialists of the Russian job search service conducted a survey to find out which skills Russians were trying to develop this year. This appeared to be taking care of mental health, adapting to a new reality, and learning quickly. In the study results published, experts divided all skills into professional (hard skills) and social (soft

Insight | Around Russia  | 16.12.21

Russian Schoolchildren Shared Plans for Future Profession

Most of the Russian schoolchildren would like to do business in the future, as stated in the survey conducted by the ‘Yaklass’ International Educational Company from November 22 to 30, 2021, among the students of grades 5-11 throughout Russia.   According to the study results, almost half of the respondents (48 per cent) want to become

Insight | Around Russia  | 06.12.21

Survey: Russians Almost Never Confuse Work and Personal Chats

Most Russians (82 per cent) have never confused work and personal chats, which follows from the survey conducted by the job search service specialists. This is just opposite to the other 12 per cent of respondents who have experienced such an unpleasant situation.  “I wrote to my husband, sent it to a colleague, everything was

Insight | Around Russia  | 10.11.21

Russians Told Which Professions They Consider Simplest Ones

Specialists of the Russian job search service conducted a study and found out which professions residents of Russia consider the simplest ones. The study showed that 60 per cent of Russians consider the simplest profession a courier. In turn, 50 per cent of respondents named as such a security guard job, and 48 per cent

Insight | Around Russia  | 10.11.21

Russians Told Why They Love Their Cities

Specialists of the Russian job search service conducted a study and found out whether the residents of Russia love their cities. It turned out that 67 per cent of respondents love the city they live in, 26 per cent of respondents are neutral, and 7 per cent do not like their cities.   Sochi appeared to

Insight | Around Russia  | 05.11.21

More Than Half Russians Would Like to Have Own Business

Specialists of the job search service conducted a study and found out whether the residents of Russia would like to open their own businesses.  It turned out that more than half (62 per cent) of the surveyed were considering the possibility of opening their own business. Of those who would like to open their own