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Ural Airlines to Launch Direct Flights to Minsk

Ural Airlines will launch direct flights from Yekaterinburg to Minsk from June 2, 2021. Flights will be operated once a week, and the travel time will be a bit more than three hours, the press service of the company reports.  It is specified that the cost of an air ticket is from 10,000 rubles one

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Exhibition With Archival Documents of Russian Intelligence Agent Opened in Urals

A permanent exhibition dedicated to the Ural secret service agent, Nikolay Kuznetsov, opened in Yekaterinburg on the site of the historical park “Russia is My History”. The exhibition features archival documents that were declassified in 2021, TASS reports.  “The last document was declassified in May, this suggests that we have the opportunity to recognize our

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Novosibirsk Girls Won Russian Powerlifting Championship

The women’s team of the Novosibirsk region won the national powerlifting championship for the third time in a row. Athletes took seventeen medals home from Yekaterinburg where the competitions were held, VN.ru reports.   On the first day of the competition, Evgenia Chistik from Siberia won gold, collecting a total of 410 kg in a triathlon

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Experts Found Out What Names Uralians Give Children

The most popular names that the residents of the Sverdlovsk region gave to their children in 2020 were Alexander, Anastasia, Artem, and Sofia, e1.ru reported with reference to the Deputy Head of the regional registry office Natalya Khramova.   It is noted that the top names for boys last year also included Mikhail, Dmitry, Maksim, Ivan,

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Huge Graffiti Appeared in Yekaterinburg

Huge graffiti dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the nuclear industry appeared in the centre of Yekaterinburg. It was created by representatives of the ‘Stenografiya’ festival and the Beloyarsk NPS, e1.ru reports.   On the wall of the five-story building, three workers of the nuclear power plant are depicted looking in the same direction. The art

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Yekaterinburg Residents Played Chess Right on Road

On January 27, 2021, in the afternoon in Yekaterinburg, two guys played chess in the middle of the road in the city centre. They put a red BMW on the emergency lights on the bridge and sat down at a table to drink tea and play chess, e1 reports.  The drivers passing by were signalling

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Yekaterinburg Officials Delighted Local Children With Gifts

Children from Yekaterinburg received gifts thanks to the “Christmas Tree of Wishes” action. As part of the campaign, a 12-year-old Maxim Kharisov received a new game console, e1.ru reports. The Vice-Governor, Sergey Bidonko, made the boy’s dream come true.  It is noted that children from orphanages, children in difficult life situations, children with disabilities, as

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New Flights to Be Launched From Yekaterinburg in January

Two new direct flights from the ‘Koltsovo’ international airport of Yekaterinburg to other Russian cities will be launched in January 2021 by the Red Wings company, e1.ru reports.    It is noted that from January 2021, Red Wings aircraft will fly non-stop to Izhevsk and Barnaul, which previously could only be reached from Yekaterinburg with

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Yekaterinburg Programmers Developed Moscow Metro Map

Yekaterinburg programmers won an international hackathon for the development of an interactive map module for the Moscow metro, e1 reports. For this, they received an award of 1,000,000 rubles from the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.   For 48 hours, Yekaterinburg residents from the YetiCrab team proposed solutions to the problem for the Moscow Transport

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Yekaterinburg Residents Dancing on GAZelle [Video]

The residents of Yekaterinburg were shot on video dancing on the roof of the Russian GAZelle car.   As it is seen from the video, a group of young people in several cars decided to arrange a disco party right on the city streets. People from the passenger cars opened the driver’s doors and one