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Business | Technology  | 16.03.22

YouTube Blocked Russian Main Orthodox TV Channel

YouTube video hosting has blocked the account of the Orthodox TV channel “Spas”, which had more than 1 million subscribers. Now the TV channel is switching to Rutube.  Spas is a federal channel in Russia which is associated with the Russian Orthodox Church. In Russian, the word “spas” means “salvation”. The federal channel has started

Google Finally Paid Fines Issued by Russia

Google has paid all the fines imposed by the Russian courts, the decisions on which have entered into force, according to the press service of the corporation. The exact amount of all fines paid was not mentioned.  As was previously reported by Roskomnadzor, in 2021 Google received fines of 32.5 million rubles in the Russian

Fun | Movies  | 08.09.21

Russian Cartoon Got Over 100 Billion Views on YouTube

The number of views of the Russian animated series “Masha and the Bear” on YouTube has exceeded 100 billion, the press service of the Animaccord animation studio reports. Five cartoon channels (English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, and Ukrainian) have already received diamond awards from the platform.  “We are very pleased to see how YouTube helps to

Russia International | Movies  | 06.08.21

Russian Experts Caught YouTube in Double Standards

The Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor) regarded the actions of Google and the YouTube administration in Russia as censorship and restriction of the right of Russians to free access to information, Izvestia reports.   It is reminded that YouTube has imposed age restrictions on Alexander Rogatkin‘s documentary film “Beslan”

Trading | Business  | 22.04.21

Internet Commerce Industry Grew by 47% in Tatarstan

Over the past year, e-commerce showed an increase of 47 per cent, as stated by the founder of the iWENGO e-commerce business school, Yuliana Gordon, on a live broadcast of the #TatarstanOnline programme.  It is noted that electronics, clothing, goods for home and repair, goods for children and health, food, as well as building materials

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KIA Carnival Crossover to Appear Soon on Russian Market

The premiere of the new KIA Carnival crossover in Russia will take place on March 29, 2021, in the format of an online broadcast on the official KIA Motors Russia & CIS YouTube channel, the press service of the automaker reports.  The production of the KIA Carnival cross-van has already been set up at the

Recommended | Economics | Business  | 28.10.20

Forbes Ranked Russian YouTube Bloggers by Ad Revenue

The LABELCOM YouTube channel topped Forbes‘ first ranking of Russian bloggers with the highest ad revenues ($3.55 million). The leadership was gained for the “What Happened Next?” show, in which comedians listen to the story of an invited guest, and then try to guess how it ended.  The second place was taken by Valentin Petukhov,

Recommended | Celebrities | Fun  | 23.10.20

Top 10 Popular Russian Bloggers

The analytical platform MMG Blogger Track has compiled a rating of the popularity of Russian bloggers among teenagers and young people for October 2020. When compiling the rating, experts took into account the number of bloggers’ subscribers aged 14 to 25 years.  In addition, from the fan base, they excluded those who do not live

Fun | Movies  | 22.10.20

People With Schizophrenia Told About Their Life

A documentary film was released on the socially oriented YouTube channel ‘Secrets’, which is aimed at highlighting different points of view about the diagnosis of schizophrenia. Both people with this diagnosis and professionals who work with such patients took part in the creation of the video.  “We want people to get rid of prejudices and

Recommended | Funny Russia | Fun | Videos  | 23.08.20

Novosibirsk Blogger Arranged Coca-Cola Fountain [Video]

The blogger from Novosibirsk, Maxim Monakhov, with the nickname “Mamix”, poured soda into a container with 10 thousand litres of Coca-Cola and filmed this on video. The height of the soda fountain was tens of metres.   Mamix took several thousand bottles of soda, poured them together into a huge barrel, and made a huge

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English Idioms: Educational Content from Russians on YouTube

As part of the RT project, the first issue of the new show “Slang!” was released on the “Speake Easy” YouTube-Channel.  The show is devoted to the features of slang in different English-speaking countries. In the video, Alexey Yaroshevsky, explained stable expressions from the English language, which, when directly translated into Russian, sound strange, but