Tatarstan Entered Top 10 Best Regions for Moving

At the annual board of the Ministry of Economy of Tatarstan, statistics were provided for the country’s main aggregator. According to the HeadHunter portal, Tatarstan was included in the list of 10 most preferred regions for moving. 

“It is nice to note the special focus of Tatarstan on the promotion of self-employment. Indeed, it is this category of employed that is the driver for a breakthrough in the economy. The labour market of the republic has all the prerequisites for an innovative coup,” GR director of HeadHunter Portal, Vitaliy Terentyev said.

According to the results of a survey, most people would like to move to the cities of the Volga river zone. 60% of surveyed people working in the IT sector said Innopolis was attractive for moving. Also, more than 60% of respondents would like to change their profession. The main trend of today is an increase in freelancers.

At the moment, every 10 companies plan to expand the staff of remote workers, and Kazan is among the top of such cities. In Kazan, 75% of vacancies are in IT. At the same time, 66% of employers suggest employment without experience. The share of young people wishing to work in government agencies decreased by 2 times.

Ru-Main, 10.02.2020

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