Tatarstan Increased Export of Halal Products

Summing up the results of the export of products of the agro-industrial holding of the republic, today its total volume is $201.8 million. Most of it falls on fat and oil products, cereals, as well as meat and dairy products. The volume of exported Halal products at the moment is over $1.5 million.

It is noted that Halal products are produced in Tatarstan for a total of over 7 billion rubles, and 50 manufacturers are engaged in its release; five of them have an international Halal certificate.

It is also specified that the export of products of the agro-industrial complex of the Republic of Tatarstan was fulfilled by 63.4 per cent of the plan, which is $318.3 million. Thanks to the good harvest, they have provided the raw material component of the main exporters, with whom there is a constant interaction.

Ru-Main, 08.10.2020

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