Tatarstan Youth Suggested Doctors to Attach Photos to Protective Suits

The youth parliament of Tatarstan invited the Ministry of Health to recommend that doctors working with people with coronavirus cases attach their photo to a protective suit, KazanFirst reports. 

Picture: Tatarstan Republican Website

“This situation leads to a problem: people who have discharged from hospitals will not know the faces of those doctors who risked their lives for them, they will not be able to thank them in person, they will not say hello when meeting on the street,” the chairman of the youth parliament, Nina Shimina, said.

The young parliamentarians decided to propose a European model of recognition of doctors. They turned to the foreign experience, like in Italy, doctors attach their photos to protective suits, which make them easy to identify. According to patients, the smiles in the photo distract them from unpleasant procedures, and the children realize that there are living people “hid” behind the masks.

Ru-Main, 12.05.2020

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