First Clip of Young Ural Group to be Shot in Yekaterinburg

The leader of the Ruki Vverh (“hands up”) group, Sergey Zhukov, who became the producer of the young Ural group Pidzhakov, announced that the first video for it will be shot in Yekaterinburg. 

Picture: Igor Pidzhakov’s Instagram Page

“We decided to make a video in the children’s homeland because this is the first video, it must be the coolest, the most real and the most native,” Sergey Zhukov explained on Instagram.

The lead singer of the Pidzhakov group Igor Pidzhakov told Yekaterinburg regional website that casting for the shooting in the video had already taken place at YSTI.

“The fact that the casting took place at the Yekaterinburg State Theatre Insitute was a spiritual move because this place was close to me. Casting was done for the most part for theater guys, because, firstly, the clip will be full of emotions, and without acting there is nothing for a person to do there, secondly, the guys are very plastic, they don’t take others to the theater institute,” says Igor.

Links to already existing songs of the group can be found on the Instagram page of Igor Pidzhakov.

Ru-Main, 10.12.2019

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