Three New Plants to be Opened in Novosibirsk Region

The Government of the Novosibirsk Region supported the development of three investment projects: the construction of a bitumen production complex, industrial buildings for the production of geophysical equipment, a plant for products and profiles made using cold stamping or bending. 

The investment project announced by Sibirskaya Neft LLC for the development of a bitumen production complex involves the construction of a bitumen terminal with a prospective capacity of up to 200,000 a year, which will create more than 100 new jobs already in 2021 with an average salary of 42,000 rubles. The total investment in the project is estimated at about one billion rubles.

The construction of a complex of industrial buildings for the production of geophysical equipment in Novosibirsk, presented by Luch LLC, is planned to be implemented in several stages. The total investment will exceed 950 million rubles, the products of the complex are important for the import substitution program. It is estimated that in 2023 about 470 people will be employed in the established production, and the average wage will amount to 70,000 rubles per month.

The investment project Creation of a Plant for Products and Profiles Made Using Cold Stamping or Bending, initiated by Profilstal LLC, involves the production of sandwich panels used in the construction of buildings. The volume of investments in the project exceeds 19 million rubles.

Governor Andrei Travnikov instructed to work out measures to ensure that existing and promising investment projects in the Novosibirsk Region are provided with the necessary energy capacities. It is planned that in 2019 the growth trend will continue and the volume of investments will amount to more than 210 billion rubles, reports OM1.RU.

Ru-Main, 28.12.2019

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