Baby Orangutan from Novosibirsk Was First Shown to Public

Baby orangutan Julia was born on September 15, 2020. She turned four months old on January 15. Today, on January 16, little monkey was first shown to the public, reports Novosibirsk Zoo

Picture: Novosibirsk Zoo Official Website

“Meet Julia, the daughter of Michelle and Batu,” said the workers of the Novosibirsk Zoo.

Unfortunately, Michelle did not feed her daughter Julia, so she was taken for bottle-feeding. At first, the baby needed almost round-the-clock attention. Now the intervals between feedings have increased, but round-the-clock duty is still necessary.

A baby is fed a milk mixture. At birth, the baby’s weight was 1,370 grams. Now it weighs 3,500 grams. Zoo biologists are already thinking about how to best arrange her life. It’s extremely important for Julia to be among the other orangutans as soon as possible.

Ru-Main, 16.01.2020

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