Today Russian Orthodox Church Celebrates New Year

Today, Orthodox Christians in Russia celebrate the New Year, or the beginning of the year according to the church calendar, RIA Novosti reports. On this day, a special prayer service is held in the churches of the Russian Orthodox Church, in which they thank God for the past year and ask him to bless the new one. 

In the liturgical books, the church New Year is called “the beginning of the indict”, which means “to evaluate”in Latin. In the Roman Empire, this was the name of the tax period. In 462, the beginning of the indict was postponed to September 1 according to the Julian calendar (September 14 according to the Gregorian calendar), and a few decades later, in 537, the Byzantine emperor Justinian ordered to start from this date absolutely all calendar cycles, including the church one.

In Russia, the civil New year until the XV century began in March, but the church’s new year began to be solemnly celebrated on September 1 in the XIII century. The last celebration of the summer was held on September 1, 1699, in the presence of Peter I on the Cathedral Square of the Kremlin. The New year 1700 was celebrated already on January 1. And in 1918, the Bolsheviks introduced the Gregorian calendar in the country.

Ru-Main, 14.09.2021 

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