Today Russians Celebrate Day of Karelia

Every year on June 8, Russians celebrate the Day of the Republic of Karelia. Each time a new municipal district is chosen as a venue for large-scale events on this occasion. In 2019, Medvezhyegorsk became the capital of the celebrations and in 2020 it was Petrozavodsk, RIA FAN reports.  

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Karelia is a constituent entity of the Russian Federation located in its northwestern part. The history of Karelia as a separate republic within the RSFSR began on June 8, 1920. On this day 101 years ago the Karelian Labour Commune was established. It was based on the idea of ​​uniting the Karelian people for preserving and increasing their originality.

In 2021, the honour of being the centre of the festivities fell to the Kalevala District. According to the press service of the local government, due to the unfavourable epidemiological situation, the responsible persons decided to postpone the celebrations until September 11, 2021.

Each year, the winning district traditionally receives large monetary subsidies from the republican budget, which is spent not only on festive decorations and the organization of concerts and fireworks but also on the general improvement of a district. For example, in the Kalevala District, a large-scale repair of highways and pedestrian zones was carried out.

The district authorities are already actively tidying up the territory and purchasing everything necessary for organizing recreation areas and arranging a traditional craft fair. Numerous entertainment venues for adults and children will be organized on the streets, concerts are planned with the participation of local bands and guests from neighbouring districts, as well as theatrical performances, processions and flash mobs.

It is noted that when organizing celebrations, great importance is attached to the flavour of the traditions of the indigenous peoples of Karelia. It is specified that 2021 was declared the Year of the Karelian runes which determined the entire further concept of events. Artists of the National Theatre of Karelia will show a performance based on the Karelian-Finnish folk epic poetry “Kalevala”. It is planned to end the festivities with fireworks.

Ru-Main, 08.06.2021 

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