Togliatti Residents Get to Work Faster Than Other Russians

Residents of Togliatti spend the least time on the way to work by public transport, which is on average 33 minutes, RIA News reports. The trip to work by private car is the fastest in Sochi, on average 20 minutes, according to the study provided by the Superjob online job search service. 

It is specified that the study involved 1.5 thousand residents from Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as 800 respondents from other megacities. According to the results of the study, the residents of Kazan get to work in 35 minutes by public transport and those who live in Ulyanovsk in 36 minutes. By personal car, one can get to work in Ulyanovsk in 24 minutes, and in Perm in 26 minutes. For Muscovites, the average time to get to work is 46 minutes by car and 63 minutes by public transport. Petersburgers go to work on average an hour by public transport, and about 40 minutes by personal transport.

Ru-Main, 20.10.2020 

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